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April 2012 Tour
Cough Mixtape for CVLT Nation

A year ago, we started CVLT Nation, and we put up posts that only we read. We decided to start this webzine to post about what we are passionate about and inspired by. One of the events that we first covered was the 2011 Scion Rock Fest in Pomona, and one of the bands we enjoyed and photographed was COUGH. It was an intimate festival, I was 6 months pregnant, and Sean and I met a lot of the bands there, talking to dude from Cough, Nails, The Body etc. and asking them if they would be down for us to cover them on our site, which didn’t quite exist yet. The first post we ever did was the Weedeater tour dates for their March 2011 tour. A year later, we were asked to be the media sponsor for the Weedeater, Cough and ASG April 2012 tour, and to say the least, we are pretty fucking stoked and honored to be working with bands that inspired us to create this site in the first place!! Cough is the first of these bands to curate a special tour mixtape, and they are really giving back to the community with this mix. They chose a selection of bands that they met while touring around the world, people who have shared that unique experience with them. Check out the stream below and the download link after the jump…

Since we’re about to hit the road, we decided to dedicate this mixtape to a lot of the bands we’ve met on the road (whether or not we remember it). Overall, it’s a pretty lengthy handful of songs so make room and enjoy.

Stream April 2012 Tour – Cough Mixtape
[audio: Chad Christopher Hale.mp3, Cashburner.mp3, Burnt Cross.mp3, Losing Sight.mp3, Charon.mp3, Winter Sun.mp3, I.mp3, Witch of Endor.mp3, Motherfucker Rising.mp3, Deadweight.mp3, Cathartic.mp3, The Harvest.mp3, Vile.mp3, Gemini.mp3, Into The Clearing.mp3, Hyborian Tale.mp3|titles=Chad Christopher Hale,Cashburner,Burnt Cross,Losing Sight,Charon,Winter Sun,I,Witch of Endor,Motherfucker Rising,Deadweight,Cathartic,The Harvest,Vile,Gemini,Into The Clearing,Hyborian Tale]

Download Link & Tracklist after the jump!

DOWNLOAD April 2012 Tour Cough Mixtape HERE!

1. John Calvin – Chad Christopher Hale
We played a tiny bar in Shreveport, LA with these guys. One of the most unsettling live shows we’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing.

2. Churches Burn – Cashburner
Probably our oldest friends as far as band relationships go. Back when we couldn’t find shows (but decided to book a tour anyway) Brian put us up for a few days until we had somewhere to be.

3. Black Pussy – Burnt Cross
This is THE Black Pussy from Vicksburg, Mississippi. No amount of paper work is gonna change that. This is what Black Pussy should sound like.

4. Earthling – Losing Sight
Harrisonburg, Virginia friends doing the blackened thrash thing.

5. Grime – Charon
Spent one of the absolute worst nights of our European tour with these guys. In Slovenia, I think. One of those days that has nowhere to go but up. Anyway, they sounded great and this demo is proof that I wasn’t hallucinating.

6. Windhand – Winter Sun
Debut album out on Forcefield (LP) and Mordgrimm (CD). Local Richmond doom brothers (and sister).

7. Amarok – I
We did a short run of shows with these guys in November of ’10. They had to have it towed 50-100 miles to the 2nd show. By the 3rd show they were in a borrowed mini-van, driver included, with just a bass cab and some drums. Fucking dedication.

8. Orm – Witch of Endor
I don’t remember playing with Orm but I think they said we did…? Regardless, pretty killer shit outta Colorado.

9. Druglord – Motherfucker Rising
Druglord has been playing around Richmond for a couple years now but we’ve known all the members for a while. It’s always good to see heavy done well in your hometown.

10. Batillus – Deadweight
We’ve played with Batillus a handful of times over the past 4-5 years. The last time we saw them (SXSW 2011) was by far the best.

11. Guzik – Cathartic
You know, there’s not a lot of good things to say about Athens, GA. In fact, I fucking hate that place. I think it manages to bring out the worst in all of us. That being said, Chris from Guzik has always been at our shows there when nobody else was. Here’s a decent live recording taken from

12. Clagg – The Harvest
Back in October we got a pretty rare opportunity for a band of our size. We got to fly out to Australia and ‘headline’ a travelling doom festival. We played a handful of nights with Clagg. Other Australian bands worth checking out: Space Bong, Mother Mars, Looking Glass, Sommonus, d.USK/Inverloch, Pod People, Hydromedusa.

13. Umor – Vile
From Croatia. These guys made shitty little rooms sound great and they’re pretty good at foosball/kicker as well.

14. Elder – Gemini
We did a couple weeks with these Rhode Islanders in 2010. Haven’t had a lot of contact with them since but Nick will pop up in random countries from time-to-time.

15. Deadbird – Into the Clearing
I feel like Deadbird has been over-looked for so long. Twilight Ritual is a great album and you should buy it. You should also tell your record label friends to put it on vinyl. I’m sick of this bullshit.

16. Stonehelm – Hyborian Tale
I thought this California-based band disappeared but I guess they put out an album in 2010. I haven’t heard from them since ’08 or so. Therefore, here is an early version of ‘Hyborian Tale’. We’ve never actually met or played with Stonehelm but I dig what they’re doing.



  1. VKFail

    April 26, 2012 at 2:55 am

    I second Dopefight. They’re one of the best bands on the circuit at the moment. Fucking awesome live.

  2. Brian

    March 23, 2012 at 6:59 pm

    Awwww, no Dopefight! They also deserve some props.. drummer kills it live.

    -Some guy who saw you both play in a shitty little town called Hull in the UK. Thanks for that, by the way!

  3. Acolorfulmonster

    March 23, 2012 at 2:15 pm

    Fucking awesome, thanks a ton!

  4. midgardsormr

    March 23, 2012 at 10:47 am

    great mixtape thanks cough for making it and thanks cvlt nation for hosting it

  5. Lazerwolfen

    March 22, 2012 at 8:53 am

    Orm is killer. I saw Royal Talons play with them in Colorado, they were great but Royal Talons crushed ’em…

    I heard R.T. are playing the Doomfest in Denver with Cough this year!

  6. saturnine

    March 21, 2012 at 2:18 pm

    This is amazing, and I’m only six songs in. Tell Cough thanks for sharing Grime.

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