Decibel’s Top 100 Old-School Heavy Metal LPs of All Time Special Issue

 DECIBEL is always a good read for all things metal, and their latest issue is a treasure trove of history for metal heads – a collector’s edition of Top 100 Old-School Heavy Metal LPs of All Time. The issue includes new interviews with Motörhead, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden among others, and an overview of the first Golden Era of heavy metal, with all releases being prior to 1989. New heads can brush up on their history and old heads can reminisce about their first time seeing Eddie. So check out the cover below and pick up this rad new issue here!




It’s that time of year again! Decibel has been banging its heads overtime to concoct an annual special issue with 100 percent never-before-seen content. Slip on your old studded vest and behold The Top 100 Old-School Metal Albums of All Time!
What, exactly, is “old-school” metal? Decibel says any metal album released prior to 1989 that doesn’t adhere to extreme metal subgenres (thrash, death, black, doom, etc.). So, in addition to reading about Dio-era Sabbath, early Maiden and all things King Diamond, you get a brand new Hall of Fame on Exciter‘s speed metal debut, Heavy Metal Maniac.
This limited edition old-school goldmine includes all-new interviews with Maiden, Priest, Motörhead and more metal royalty.
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