Out From The Shadows II Fest Photo Essay!!

From March 31st until April 2nd, 2016, Portland was on fire with some of the best Darkwave and Post-punk from around the world. Mainlined by Dave Cantrell, a post-punk zealot and former UK resident that hosts a radio show entitled Songs From Under The Floorboard on local Portland station XRAY FM that showcases everything dark, punk, goth and posty from old to brand new and from anywhere in the world he can find it. The whole event was actually a benefit for XRAY as they’re community led and member supported. So let’s see: a good cause, great bands, dark punk? Bingo. This fest was the shit and here’s the photos by Nick Whitson.




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Ian Henderson

Ian Henderson

Ian Henderson is a Malthusian Anarchist, sound engineer and ethnomusicology scholar who hitched a ride to Portland with a duffle bag and a guitar when he was 19. When he's not rallying the troops to social revolution he's coping with his apocalyptic anxiety by obsessing over dark, heavy music.

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    Jessika Stocker good pic of you

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