Horror Cosplay That Celebrates Punishment
The Krampus Ball

It’s April, and that means that Christmas is around the corner! I have actually met people who shop for Christmas all year round in order to have a huge stash of cheap stuff to give people when the end of the year finally rolls around. As with so much of the painted face of our culture, we like to celebrate the veneer of kindness and good behaviour with our holidays – but what happens to the people who aren’t nice all year round? The idea of getting a lump of coal went out with the realization that it was putting a damper on consumer spending, so the Christmas Industrial Complex would never go for a goat-like demon that hands out sticks and coal or even abducts your children – no matter how naughty they are. The Krampus Ball in Toronto aims to change that, and from the looks of the horrific, amazing costumes its attendees wore, naughty people would shit themselves if they saw this creature hunting for them! It’s not exactly the season for posting these, but the photos and the cosplay are just too rad not to share. Check out a gallery of sick Krampus Ball costumes and keep your eye out for the 2016 announcement here.


Photos: Ghost Monkey ProductionsDQC Photography




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