The Surreal Poster Art of Ryszard Kiwerski

The 1960s and 1970s were a great time for graphic design, especially of the surreal kind. One artist whose posters have gone down in legend is Ryszard Kiwerski, who is one of the premiere Polish poster artists of his time. He was commissioned to do the Polish versions of movie posters, and won awards for his strange and wonderful design aesthetic, including a gold medal for his work at the 1975 Cannes festival. Check out a selection of Ryszard Kiwerski’s weird and awesome poster art below…


Polish Poster polish-poster03863 Ryszard Kiwerski 1 Ryszard Kiwerski 1 Ryszard Kiwerski 2 Ryszard Kiwerski 3 Ryszard Kiwerski 4 Ryszard Kiwerski 5 Ryszard Kiwerski 6 Ryszard Kiwerski 7 Ryszard Kiwerski 8 Ryszard Kiwerski 9 Ryszard Kiwerski 10 tumblr_m85aoqJDVe1r13zreo1_500

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    Light tecnic

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    Scott Penberthy

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    Sandra Saeidi

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    When I was in Krakow in 09, went to a movie poster gallery and shop. They had tons of cool reprints and originals for sale. I remember seeing some of these there. Polish movie poster art is incredible!

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    M Nichael Andrasko

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    different style (and not posters!) but check this:

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    Anna Anne

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    Annita Rivera Arantza Jimenez Cristina Martín Lara

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    You should also check out Wiktor Gorka.

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    Thomas Talmadge Gallegos

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