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Videoblogger Confidential: The Locrian Footage That Wasn’t Now Showing!


I’m back once more for the, far too long anticipated, second installment of the remembrances of my time spent as an amateur video blogger. As I alluded to durring the inaugural post, the most fitting video as far as this webzine is concerned is the very ill-fated footage of Locrian performing at last year’s Fan Death Records showcase in Baltimore.

I’d been a fan of both Locrian and Fan Death for a while, and could not have been happier to hear about the two parties colluding on a show. I reached out to Cvlt Nation, who I was not formally writing for yet, and offered to get footage to send their way. All parties were thrilled at the prospect…right up until I saw what I had shot on the flipside. An avowed amateur to be certain, I none-the-less prided myself on documenting artists with clean, clear shots. But what I had captured of Locrian had dipped so far down into the darkness, it by and large was a screen of just that. I tried every trick in my poorly, self-crafted book to pull the image out of the void, but it was simply not to be.

I could not in good conscience submit this semi-pointless footage to Cvlt Nation. But, now, looking back, it’s almost more fitting. Locrian, known as being a prolific group that is equal parts blackened sounds, noise, ambient, drone, and a bit of avant guarde, sits murkily in the periphery of the frame, with momentary bursts of blurred primary reds coming back from the pale. The audio, though far from crisp, is steady throughout, and not a beat is missed. So, here then, finally, is that ill-born footage, creaking up from the casket, and finally breathing something akin to life, through the cold night air.

Locrian at Fan Death Records Showcase 04.16.11 from Denman C Anderson on Vimeo.

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