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SXSW 2014
Artist to Artist Interviews
Obliteration Vs. Primitive Man

Check out Primitive Man and Obliteration at the Relapse Records X CVLT Nation SXSW 2014 Showcase, March 12th at Dirty Dog Bar! More info here

Obliteration interviews Primitive Man

Mention 3 bands that inspired you to write the music that is Primitive man.

dISEMBOWELMENT, Unearthly Trance and U.G.K.

Why the name Primitive Man?

We wanted this project to be as raw as possible, the name fits. Also, band name regrets from past projects made us want to have a name that is easily understandable.


You don’t sound that into vintage gear as many other doom and sludge bands are. What’s your philosophy regarding equipment, and what kind of stuff do you use?

Ethan uses two Mesa Dual Rectifires one being a roadster, these amps sound hideous straight out of the box. I use your standard Ampeg cl – it’s a newer model and I use pedals in front of it. We both use Lace Drop n’ Gain pickups. Pretty basic tried and true stuff. We are not rich people by any means and these are affordable amps that come with the tone inside of them already. We also think that modern gear allows better for modern tones.

Recording-wise, do you guys enjoy being in the studio, or do you just wanna get the tracks down and get the fuck out of there? Do you think the devil is in the details, or is it more important that the whole production sounds raw, alive and dirty?

You know, we have had three recording sessions so far, all very similar. We go in for 3 to 5 days and lay it down. Recording music really puts pressure on a musician because it’s something you have to live with, so we enjoy it, but it’s also very stressful.


Photo by Tanner Douglas

You have quite a few discorded black metal-ish parts in your music – is black metal an important part of Primitive man?

More in the atmosphere of things, not really in composition.

I hear a lot of Crust punk in your music, are you guys big punk fans? Any good tips on cool new punk bands?

Yeah, we love punk; that’s a big part of our musical background. Check out Reproacher and Nunhex.


SXSW. Cool, horrible, hassle, most awesome thing ever, shit, important, boring or what? Any expectations in regards to the RELAPSE showcase?

This is our first trip to SXSW as a band. Ethan has been before with an old band. We are excited to see how it goes. We are stoked to see you guys and Nothing on that showcase.

Where are PRIMITIVE MAN most comfortable and enthusiastic: recoding, playing live or just rehearsing and writing songs?

We love it all but, probably rehearsing because we like to be in our cave and smoke a ton of weed.

Any memorable Spinal Tap moments during your time as PRIMITIVE MAN?


Iron Maiden or Black Sabbath? Why?

Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden sucks.

Cheers, P//M


3/5-Lawrence KS@ The Jackpot
3/6-Oklahoma City, OK@The Conservatory
3/7-Dallas, TX@ The Door Dallas
3/8-Little rock, AR@Vino’s Brew Pub
3/9-New Orleans, LA@ Triple six klubhaus
3/10-Houston, TX@ White Swan
3/11-Austin, TX@ SXSW
3/12-Austin, TX@ SXSW
3/13-San Antonio, TX@ Tofu House
3/14-El Paso, TX@ Sandboxxx
3/15-Albuquerque, NM@ Cat house



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