Guardian of the Night… Sorrow Grips

I love art that invites me into a ritual space, that seems to coil itself around my soul and drag me under the weight of its dark magick. Sorrow Grips creates this kind of art; illustrations that seem to etch a portal onto the surface of this world, creating a doorway into the mysteries of the next. His detail work is impeccable, and yet his pen only lands where it’s necessary – he uses the open space of the page as much as he fills it in with black ink. His lines are clean and deliberate, but his subjects also seem to move before your eyes, alive from within with his shadowy inspiration. It’s hard to choose my favorite of his works, but his Effigy of Serpents series is so compelling for me, as is his Spirit Animal: Goat print set. You can check out the collection of his artwork available as prints on the CVLT Nation Bizarre and also as originals on his webstore here.




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Meghan MacRae grew up in Vancouver, Canada, but spent many years living in the remote woods. Living in the shadow of grizzly bears, cougars and the other predators of the wilderness taught her about the dark side of nature, and taught her to accept her place in nature's order as their prey. She is co-founder of CVLT Nation webzine and clothing alongside her husband Sean.

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