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Sonic Cathedrals Vol. XXXVII
Curated by André Foisy

CVLT Nation is ultra stoked to announce that the Sonic Cathedrals Mixtape Series Vol. XXXVII Curated by Andre Foisy has arrived. From day one of this sine this human has supported us a 100% so for him to curate this mix tape is golden. Just like his band Locrian this selection of songs is an audio voyage that you will not forget.Honestly my mind is still bent by Locrians most recent collaborative album with Mamiffer now this killer Mixtape.
Hear what Andre Foisy has to say about this mix tape below & download it so your mind will expand!

Here are some tracks, some unreleased, that I think that readers of CVLT Nation would enjoy. This is a little taste of what’s on my computer. If you like these projects then please support them and pick up their stuff.

Stream Sonic Cathedrals Vol. XXXVII Curated by André Foisy:
[audio: northen blood tithe.mp3, Adrift at Sea.mp3, Veil of Overlapping Dimensions.mp3, – Annwn.mp3, Harvest of Stars.mp3, SS.mp3, Only Death.mp3, lattice.mp3, Viagra-Lunesta.mp3, – Lies.mp3, – methodist bells.mp3|titles=Sun Splitter –  Northern Blood Tithe,Cultus Sabbati – Adrift at Sea,Gates – Veil of Overlapping Dimensions,Mamiffer – Annwn,Wormsblood – Harvest of Stars,Servile Sect – Side A excerpt,Baptism – Only Death,Dead Dragon Mountain – White Lattice,Number None – Viagra/Lunesta,Dead World – Lies,Detritivore – Lutring,High Aura’d – Methodist Bells]

DOWNLOAD Sonic Cathedrals Vol. XXXVII Curated by André Foisy HERE!


1)    Sun Splitter –  Northern Blood Tithe (II, Land of Decay 2011)
2)    Cultus Sabbati – Adrift at Sea (Descent Into The Maelstrom, Land of Decay 2011)
3)    Gates – Veil of Overlapping Dimensions (TBD, Land of Decay 2012 – Forthcoming)
4)    Mamiffer – Annwn (Hirror Enniffer, Hydra Head 2008)
5)    Wormsblood – Harvest of Stars (Black & White Art For Man & Beast, Brave Mysteries 2011)
6)    Servile Sect – Side A excerpt (Svrrender, Handmade Birds 2011)
7)    Baptism – Only Death (Grim Arts of Melancholy, Northern Heritage 2008)
8)    Dead Dragon Mountain – White Lattice (Huddled Masses Under a Burning Sky, Soy Y Nieve2012)
9)    Number None – Viagra/Lunesta (Strategies Against Agriculture, Land of Decay 2012 – Forthcoming)
10)   Dead World – Lies (The Machine, Relapse 1993)
11)   Detritivore – Lutring (Pakt, Lyderhorn Records 2010)
12)   High Aura’d – Methodist Bells (Release information unknown)

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sarah Kastrau

    December 1, 2013 at 6:47 am

    mediafire has deleted the file, could you please upload it again?

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