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Sonic Cathedrals Vol. XLVI
Curated by Age of Collapse

CVLT Nation is super stoked to be releasing Sonic Cathedrals Vol. XLVI Curated by Age of Collapse today! Age of Collapse has curated a wide-ranging mix that shows the depth of this band’s influences, something that comes through in their music as well. Check out what they have to say below, and check their upcoming West Coast tour dates after the jump. Blast this mix beyond loud, and come out on Thursday to support Age of Collapse at the CVLT Nation 1st Anniversary show!

Whenever we’re writing new music we always come up with elaborate names to describe certain sections of each song. Absolutely ridiculous names like “Full Speed Fairy Tale”, “Tough Noodlez” or “Troll Fucking Stomping”. I’m not entirely sure why we do it, but I think we’re trying to set some middle ground, where all 4 members’ unique musical influences aren’t isolated or held back. As a band we feel it’s important to not allow our “crust genre” to dictate what influences we pull from. Whether it’s Sean’s crust and doom metal influence, Xavi’s powerviolence and pop punk, Steve’s black and prog metal or Blaine’s British heavy metal and screamo, we want all our influences to shine through in our music, culminating in something unique, brutal, passionate, exciting, bizarre and fun.

The playlist we’ve put together is a mix of songs that have been super influential to our sound as well as some stuff we just plain love listening to. Enjoy!


Stream Sonic Cathedrals Vol. XLVI Curated by Age of Collapse
[audio: Storm Heaven.mp3, Anarchy Chaos Destruction II.mp3, Busy.mp3, Prowler.mp3, Sign Of The Wolf (Pentagram).mp3, A Soul To Bare.mp3, The Doorway.mp3, Moya.mp3, The Closing Irony.mp3, Monsieur Lebeaux.mp3, The Ungovernable Force.mp3, Smallpox Champion.mp3, The Gift Of Life.mp3, As Fire Swept Clean The Earth.mp3, Dirty Blue.mp3, Antagonisten.mp3, Friends Are Evil.mp3, With empty hands extended.mp3|titles=Storm Heaven,Crow – Anarchy Chaos Destruction,Busy,Prowler – Iron Maiden,Sign of the Wolf,A Soul to Bare,The Doorway,Moya,The Closing Irony,Monsieur Lebeaux,The Ungovernable Force,Smallpox Champion,Contravene – The Gift of Life,As Fire Swept Clean the Earth,Dirty Blue,Antagonisten,Friends are Evil,The Intolerable Weight]

DOWNLOAD Sonic Cathedrals Vol. XLVI Curated by Age of Collapse HERE!

Requiem – Storm Heaven
Crow – Anarchy Chaos Destruction
Jawbreaker – Busy
Prowler – Iron Maiden
Pentagram – Sign of the Wolf
Fall of Efrafa – A Soul to Bare
Neurosis – The Doorway
Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Moya
Sacrilege – The Closing Irony
Flesh Parade – Monsieur Lebeaux
Conflict – The Ungovernable Force
Fugazi – Smallpox Champion
Contravene – The Gift of Life
Enslaved – As Fire Swept Clean the Earth
Woven Hand – Dirty Blue
Martyrdod – Antagonisten
Jesu – Friends are Evil
Tragedy – The Intolerable Weight

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