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Sonic Cathedrals Vol. LVII
Curated by Whitehorse

Sonic Cathedrals Vol. LVII Curated by WHITEHORSE goes live today! To me, this mixtape is a beyond awesome audio portrait of obscure music. Right now, this band is on tour with Brooklyn’s Batillus (peep the dates after the jump). After the jump, WHITEHORSE gives a detailed description of each song selection, which makes this mixtape even more special. So now download + stream Sonic Cathedrals Vol. LVII below and melt your skull!!!

This mix was compiled by vocalist Pete of Whitehorse amongst the process of packing up all his belongings into boxes and putting them in storage, responding to tour emails, laying out CD artwork and generally stressing in the 36 hours prior to leaving Melbourne, Australia for the USA.

Stream Sonic Cathedrals Vol. LVII Curated by Whitehorse
[audio: BLOOD III.mp3, Leave Flowers Now.mp3, Ode To Falling.mp3, Mercy Hospital.mp3, His Iron.mp3, Infrared Kommando.mp3, Beat Baste.mp3, Iron Sun.mp3, Disease’s Maiming Caress.mp3, Fade To Pasta.mp3|titles=]

DOWNLOAD Sonic Cathedrals Vol. LVII Curated by Whitehorse HERE!

Sonic Cathedrals Vol. LVII Curated by Whitehorse TRACK LIST:

Hex On The Beach – Blood III (13 Days of Halloween)
Hex On The Beach are also leaving Melbourne at the same time as Whitehorse, they are bound for a UK/European tour. Drummer MV recently gave me their cassette. This is one of my favorite tracks of theirs.

Dead Boomers – Leave Flowers Now (The Pig In The Python)
Dead Boomers are one of Melbourne’s finest. One of the two members, Mark used to do the noise in Whitehorse and is involved with many great projects, True Radical Miracle, Von Eimen and Ratsak to name a few. Mark has also been my housemate for the last year and a half (and beyond). Dave who took over noise duties in Whitehorse after Mark left suggested the inclusion of this track.

Ivens / Occult Blood – Ode To Falling (Ivens / Occult Blood US tour tape)
Just prior to Whitehorse touring the USA in 2011 one of my other projects Occult Blood did 18 or so shows across the USA with our close friend Ivens, aka. Dave who now does noise in Whitehorse. Dave recently posted some photos from that tour on the internet and it reminded me how awesome this track from our tour cassette is. I don’t believe Dave has performed as Ivens since the last show of that tour at the International Noise Conference in Miami, which was an amazing time.

Chris Smith and Justin Fuller – Mercy Hospital (s/t CD)
In packing up house I put a bunch of boxes of my label releases into storage, this is one of my favourite tracks off one of the early releases I did. An album that took Chris and Justin several years to complete. Great stuff.

Bloodson Drifter – His Iron (Bloodson Drifter)
On both Occult Blood / Ivens tour and Whitehorse tour last year we had the pleasure to stay with an amazing fella in Eugene, OR. William our host had an amazing collection of animal bones… before leaving his house in the morning on the OB/ Ivens tour, William said he would like to show us his small bone collection, on saying that he opened a tiered jewellery box which held hundreds of bones including a chameleon skull and 2 mummified baby lizards in a small brass urn. I really hope to catch up with William again this tour. On our first US tour in 2007 Frank from Riververb gave me a disc of William’s project Bloodson Drifter, this is a track from that release which we listened to driving across to Reno after leaving his house that morning.

Alberich – Infrared Kommando
Alberich is one of my current favourite listens. I would really love to get the opportunity to catch a show sometime. I may try to subject all the Whitehorse lads to the complete NATO Uniformen release on one of our long drives this tour.

Riververb – Beat Baste (Full Sway)
On the first Whitehorse USA tour in 2007 our friend Aaron from Rahdunes had put me onto this guy Frank in San Diego who set up a show for us there. We had flown from Philadelphia the day of the show and had had a rough couple of days leading up to the flight, with one of our band members getting seriously ill. His illness came to a head on the first of two flights across the US that day and as a result on a stopover in Atlanta we had to leave half the band behind to take our sick member to hospital while the other half of us flew on to San Diego. Our show went ahead in that night minus our sick member with the other 2 members that had been left behind catching a later flight arriving just in time to catch Frank play as Riververb. An amazing set that totally blew our minds. The following year I released this album Full Sway by Riververb on my label Sweatlung. We had an great time with Frank in San Diego in 2011. This will be our first US tour not playing with Riververb.

Dad They Broke Me – Iron Sun (Lack)
Dad They Broke Me, currently out of action due to one member living in Japan are one of Melbourne’s most devastatingly heavy bands. 2 members used to live in Japan and play in a band called Birushanah there. On returning to Melbourne they started this ferocious piece of work. I really miss seeing this band play live. The recordings in general are a little flat in comparison to the crushing live sound these guys produced, but still great. I recommend checking out their 3rd release ROT on We Empty Rooms ( 3 members also had a killer thrash project called Pissbolt, also great shit!

Thrall – Disease’s Maiming Caress (Vermin To The Earth)
These Melbourne / Tasmanian devils have been a staple part of the Melbourne Whitehorse extended family the last couple of years. Even having us along to the Tassie turf for hexmass. Tom just drew up a killer t-shirt design for us too check his artwork out at … These guys took ex-Whitehorse guitarist Ramez into their fold last year too. Love hanging and playing shows with these folk.

Collapsed Toilet Vietnam – Fade To Pasta (unreleased)
After the first Whitehorse tour of the US in 2007 we ended up on hiatus for a couple of years. During that couple of years 4 of us played together in a noisecore band which ended up being a pretty mental affair. Collapsed Toilet Vietnam was Mayson playing a dis-assembled drum kit, Simon playing a busted guitar, Grover playing a one sting bass with me ranting and flailing.. we did some cassettes and we have an album recorded with artwork laid out and ready to go it’s just been sitting on hold for a couple of years… I hope to make this release come together at some point before too long. This is a track from that unreleased album.

31 in Austin, TX at Chaos in Tejas / Red 7 with Nasum / No Statik / Whitehorse / Gas Chamber / Phobia / Innumerable Forms / Mass Grave / Put To Death
3rd in Austin, TX at Chaos in Tejas / Hotel Vegas with Dragged Into Sunlight / Cough / Whitehorse / Cross / Batillus / Theories
04.06.12 Little Rock, AK at White Water Tavern with Batillus, As Dogs and Firing Order
05.06.12 Columbia, MO at Cafe Berlin with Batillus and Battlement
06.06.12 Lincoln, NE at Duffy’s Tavern with Batillus and Ezra
07.06.12 Minneapolis, MN at Rathole with Batillus, Svoboda and Lungs
08.06.12 Milwaukee, WI at Quarters with Batillus & Northless
09.06.12 Appleton, WI at the Maritime Tavern with Batillus and The Parish
10.06.12 Chicago, IL at Double Door with Batillu, Making Ghosts, Alma Negra and Lost Dog
11.06.12 Pittsburgh, PA at Kopec’s with Batillus and Slices and Ljebestod
12.06.12 Brooklyn, NY at Acheron with Batillus, Unearthly Trance and Skullshitter
13.06.12 Providence, RI at Machines With Magnets with Batillus + more
14.06.12 Philadelphia, PA at Kung Fu Necktie with Batillus and Warshack
15.06.12 Baltimore, MD at Golden West with Batillus and Mind As Prison
16.06.12 Richmond, VA at Strange Matter with Landmine Marathon + more
17.06.12 Asheville, NC at The Get Down with North, S.L.A.W. and (Young) American Landscape
18.06.12 Greensboro, NC at Karate Dungeon
19.06.12 Atlanta, GA at the 529 with Hot Graves, Aku You and Überchiist
20.06.12 Tampa FL at Brass Mug with Hot Graves, Riptorn, Collapse and Servants of the Mist
21.06.12 Panama City, FL at C Level with Hot Graves, Coeur, Death Before Dying
22.06.12 New Orleans, LA at Siberia with Hot Graves, Dethrone, Khringe and Solid Giant
23.06.12 Austin, TX details TBC
24.06.12 Shreveport, LA at H and H lounge with Wall and Sky and Cosmic Naught
25.06.12 Tulsa, OK at Soundpony with Senior Fellows & Common Fears
26.06.12 Albuquerque, NM at 1810 Broadway with Appalachian Terror Unit, Drought, Contortionist
27.06.12 Phoenix, AZ at the Yucca Tap Room with Rituals, Fanapth, OSSU
28.06.12 San Diego, CA at The Shakedown with Sodomia and Looming
29.06.12 Los Angeles, CA at The Joint with Sodomia, Pigeonwing + more
30.06.12 Oakland, CA at Oakland Metro Side Room with Brainoil, Permanent Ruin, Reivers, Your Enemy and Monuments Collapse
01.07.12 San Francisco, CA at The Elbo Room (matinee show) with Vastum, Laudanum
02.07.12 Arcata, CA at The Alibi with Satya Sena
03.07.12 Portland, OR at Plan B with Atriarch, The Body and Usnea
04.07.12 DAY OFF
05.07.12 Bellingham, WA at The Shakedown with The Body and Leatherhorn
06.07.12 Seattle, WA The High Line with The Body, Satya Sena and Golgothan Sunrise

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