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Sonic Cathedrals Vol. IV
Curated by Coffinworm

CVLT Nation is full of rotting excitement with the release of Sonic Cathedrals Mixtape Series Vol. IV Curated by COFFINWORM which goes live today! From day one of our webzine’s existence, this killer band has had our back. So when COFFINWORM said that they would curate a volume of Sonic Cathedrals, we said let’s make it happen now. They put together such an epic mixtape full of audio danger & blackened dirge, with over an hour of music. Enough with our talking, read what COFFINWORM has to say about their mixtape below, download Sonic Cathedrals Vol. 4 after the jump & blast that motherfucker beyond loud…MAKE YOUR EARS BLEED!

Hails, feral denizens of nihility.

Herein this mix is a collection of recent listening and old favorites that continue to rise above the ever-present stream of shit coming from the the underground/overground of various metal and punk niches. Plenty of benchmark bands that are no brainers won’t be found here because it seemed redundant to include them. If you’re listening to this you undoubtedly don’t need to hear ‘Dixie Whiskey’ or ‘Where Cold Winds Blow’ for the millionth time, right? Hopefully you’ll find something new on this mix that speaks to you. – Carl / Coffinworm

[audio: Sonic Cathedrals Vol. 4 – Curated by Coffinworm.mp3|titles=Sonic Cathedrals Vol. IV – Curated by COFFINWORM]

Download the mixtape & read more about Coffinworm’s tracklist after the jump…


Rune – ‘Wilt’ (2003)
‘The End of Nothing’ is a (mostly) undiscovered classic in my opinion. Rune was a band that went through several evolutions from their inception, starting as a more straight-forward grind band and arriving at the perfect mix of doom and death metal by the time they rolled out their swan song. This track is a perfect example of their power: Simultaneously haunting and containing some beautiful melodies, as well as uglier and meaner than fuck all by the time the blast beats kick in and those guitars start churning. One of my favorite albums of all time and it hasn’t lost its luster with each listen since 2003. Seek it out.

Clandestine Blaze – ‘Possession of Nordic Blood’ (2010)
CA’s best record yet and this is my favorite track. The main riff in the verses is so good. Anytime this song gets played while driving it has the same effect ‘Ace of Spades’ does: speed & punch the car ceiling.

Pallbearer – ‘The Legend’ (2010)
A new favorite and current listening obsession. Dan from Anhedonist gave me a copy of the cassette version of their demo from 2010 awhile back and the tape has not left my player. Glacial pace, massively heavy guitars, and a vocalist that sounds so much like Sabbath-era Ozzy that if you didn’t know it was another band you might possibly be fooled upon first listen. These Arkansas doomers have presented more worth in 3 songs than almost all of the doom scene in the last several years. Real talk. They’ve also been gracious enough to share a high bit rate download of their entire demo on their web site for free. Get it:

Nak’ay – ‘Thieves of the Nuclear Permafrost’ (2009)
Fellow Indiana filth-revelers, Nak’ay perfectly execute a face-ripping mix of Sarcafago-influenced, punky black metal with other underground influences. The title of the cassette that ‘Thieves…’ appears on says it all: “260 Raw Grinding Bestial Black Metal Punk Noise Devestation.” Details on ordering their 6 song cassette:

Anhedonist – ‘Despond’ (2010)
Another newer favorite/listening obsession, and recently made allies of Coffinworm after playing together. My friend Adam Walker returned home from a tour doing merch for these guys last summer bearing their 3 song demo cassette as a gift. I was blown away. Funeral paced death/doom, epic guitar harmonies in sections, mammoth low end, and more specifically important – incredible songs. These guys are constantly on tour and are not to be missed live. Parasitic Records has recently released a vinyl version of their demo (from which this track is taken) limited to 500 copies. Pick it up. •

Craft – ‘The Suffering of Others’ (2004)
‘Fuck the Universe’ is another all-time favorite album of mine and has received regular listening since I first heard it, so it’s hard to pick just one track to include. This track sums up everything great about this Swedish band, though. All of their previous output is ace, but I prefer the hybrid of black metal, doom, and rock ‘n’ roll they settled into for ‘FTU’. Still evil as fuck, yet more of a convincing listen and with killer RIFFS (something wholly missing from a lot of so-called ‘metal’ today).

Mortuus – ‘Astral Pandemonium’ (2005)
From ‘De Contemplanda Morte’, an incredible record from this Swedish black metal duo. What I like most about ‘De Contemplanda…’ is they generally keep the tempo doom paced (aside from this track) and all the arpeggiated notes that litter the song arrangements provoke some serious atmosphere. This is another album that has been in regular rotation for me since it came out.

Wolfbrigade – ‘No Heart Bleeds’ (2003)
Swedish D-beat warriors who don’t have a bad record in their arsenal, yet ‘In Darkness You Feel No Regrets’ is their apex in my opinion. Production courtesy of Sunlight Studios, a perfect mix of breakneck and circle pit-inducing tempos, and not a weak song in the bunch.

Cianide – ‘Eulogy’ (1994)
The under-celebrated titans of US death metal and my favorite song of theirs from my favorite album, ‘A Descent Into Hell’. If your mouth doesn’t drop open with an “Ohhhhhhh, fuck!” when the first note hits, you’re probably dead. Celtic Frost worship taken to another level and that guitar tone? Are you kidding me?!?!?! This is from a vinyl rip that sounds infinitely better than my CD version.

Ilsa – ‘Frosthrower’ (2010)
DC/Baltimore area aural destruction! ‘Tutti Il Colori Del Buio’ sounds like the a deranged melding of Bolt Thrower, Autopsy, and Celtic Frost with extreme down(tuned) syndrome. Add to the mix that it sounds like it was recorded in a fucking cave, and you have yourself a winner. Ilsa recently dropped a split LP with Hooded Menace that is also incredible.

Parlamentarisk Sodomi – ‘Smoothly Shaved Upside Down Cross’ (2008)
Vehemently anti-authoritarian one man Norwegian grindcore killing machine, sadly now defunct. This track is from ‘Har Du Sagt A Får Du Si Nal’.

Abysme – ‘Fallen Colossus’ (2009)
Pittsburgh maniacs dropping some razor-sharp death metal on your ass. Nasty guitar tone, great drumming, and audible yet ‘lo-fi’ production that puts the music into the appropriate context. The CD version of their 2009 demo was self-released (now sold out), but you may still be able to find a copy of the pro cassette version Unholy Domain Records released. Artwork was handled by the legendary Chris Moyen. Abysme also have a full-length entitled ‘Strange Rites’ coming out this year on the mighty Blood Harvest label. For more info check out their web site:

Disma – Lost in the Burial Fog (2011)
Hands down the best death metal record that will come out this year. Everything about ‘Towards The Megalith’ reeks of that ‘grave stench’ vibe – the guitars strings sound as if they’re about to melt off the fretboard they’re tuned so low, Pillard’s vocals sound better than ever, and the overall doom-leanings of the music rumble and suffocate the listener. The production is also a high point, as everything sounds punchy and warm. This has been in my headphones a ton lately and probably will be for a long time.

Nuclear Death Terror – ‘The Darkest Age’ (2007)
Excellent metallic d-beat/crust from Denmark. This track is from my favorite release of theirs, the ‘Ceaseless Desolation’ EP that also includes an incredible cover of Frost’s ‘Morbid Tales’.

Fistula – ‘Ohio Death Toll Rising’ (2010)
Sludge stalwarts Fistula are an institution, and last year’s ‘Goat’ EP was in constant rotation for me and for all of Coffinworm on our journeys out of town. Keep an eye out for our split 7″ together sometime later this year on Hell Comes Home Records. •

Tyrant – ‘Hell Has Broken Loose’ (2007)
Swedish dudes from The Black and Crypt of Kerberos teamed up with Daniel Ekeroth (author of the incredible ‘Swedish Death Metal’ book from Bazillion Points Publishing) blasting forth a raging mix of d-beat & Bathory worship. The recording on ‘Rebirth…Reclaim the Flame’ is primitive and perfect, as is the songwriting. Alcohol and Satan fueled punk/metal missives that sound like they could have been unearthed from a dusty hiding place after 20 years of being forgotten. Restart with the number 666!

Loss – ‘Shallow Pulse’ (2011)
Death/doom underground favorites whose ‘Life Without Hope…’ was a regular listen for years after picking up a used copy at the record store where I used to work. The 7 years between the demo’s release on CD (with added live tracks including a cover of Katatonia’s ‘Brave’ and their track from the split 7″ with Worship) saw Loss release a total of 4 songs. However, the full-length was worth such a long wait. The arrangements and sequencing are extremely thoughtful and the music itself is harrowing. The ‘actual songs’ appear intercut with segues written by each band member that perfectly transport the listener through this dense piece of depressing and beautiful music.



  1. Aaron

    August 7, 2011 at 3:46 pm

    What doomstin said. By the way do you mind putting track times on the song list in the future? I like to just listen and switch tabs and click over to see what’s playing when something’s interesting and unless I keep track song by song it’s not easy

  2. Doomstin

    August 5, 2011 at 10:55 am

    God Damned great. Keep this shit up.

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