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Sonic Cathedrals Vol. CXXXIII WAKE

CVLT Nation is stoked to bring you Sonic Cathedrals Vol. CXXXIII WAKE today! This mixtape is sure to grind your eardrums down to dust! Also, make sure to check out WAKE on their upcoming tour…more info below!

My CVLT Nation Mixtape. It’s a simple format of classics and some under-rated gems. I chose multiple songs by the same artist as that’s how I made tapes in the “pre-ipod” world of walkman’s and tape decks. WAKE is touring the west coast in February. We hope to see some old friends and hopefully make some new ones. Come out and GRIND.

Stream Sonic Cathedrals Vol. CXXXIII WAKE
[audio: Nailbiter.mp3, Blind.mp3, INDULGE ME IN SILENCE.mp3, All Of Japa.mp3, Old Gods New Blasphemies.mp3, Corrected.mp3, Fighting The National Security State.mp3, Deprogram (You’re On My Shitlist).mp3, Blank Eyes, Human Shells.mp3, Oblivious.mp3, Disassociated.mp3, Seizure.mp3, Pull the Plug.mp3, Demo Track.mp3, auf watte gebettet.mp3, halb zivil.mp3, abwesenheitsnotiz.mp3, Man’s Inhumanity To Man.mp3, Warning.mp3, Track 01.mp3, Track 02.mp3, Track 03, Track 04.mp3, Choose Your Heaven.mp3, I Corinthians 1_18-29.mp3, One With Filth.mp3, Where Dolls Do Sin.mp3, Fondling the Grotesque.mp3, Where Dead Hang From Trees.mp3, Put To Death.mp3, The Day The Sun Went Cold.mp3, Mindless.mp3, Logical Conclusion.mp3, First World Problems.mp3, Wooden Walls.mp3, Walk The Path Of Ash.mp3, This Empty Throne.mp3, Pc@Hc.mp3, The Mask Of Arrogance.mp3, Virtual Bliss.mp3, No Respect No Remorse.mp3, Coffinsfucker.mp3, Night of The Ultimate Mosh.mp3, The Rolling Massgrave.mp3|titles=Sonic Cathedrals Vol CXXXIII WAKE]



Sonic Cathedrals Vol. CXXXIII WAKE Track List:

1 Anti Cimex- Nailbiter
2 Acme- Blind
3 Dephosphorus- Indulge Me In Silence
4 Kalibas- All of Japa
5 Malefaction- Old Gods, New Blasphemies
6 Malefaction- Corrected
7 Malefaction- Fighting National Security State
8 Shitlist- Deprogram
9 Shitlist- Blank Eyes, Human Shells
10 Shitlist- Oblivious
11 Shitlist- Disassociated
12 Shitlist- Seizure
13 Shitlist- Pull The Plug
14 Theories- Demo Track
15 Zodiac- Auf Watte Gebettet
16 Zodiac- Halb Zivil
17 Zodiac- Abwesenheitsnotiz
18 Defeatist- Man’s Inhumanity To Man
19 Defeatist- Warning
20 Burial Tide- #1
21 Burial Tide- #2
22 Burial Tide- #3
23 Burial Tide- #4
24 Catharsis- Choose Your Heaven
25 Catharsis- I Corinthians
26 Crowpath- One With Filth
27 Crowpath- Where Dolls Do Sin
28 Crowpath- Fondling The Grotesque
29 Fall Of The Bastards- Where Dead Hang From Trees
30 Fall Of The Bastards- Put To Death
31 Fall Of The Bastards- The Day The Sun Went Cold
32 Absvrdist- Mindless
33 Absvrdist- Logical Conclusion
34 Absvrdist- First World Problems
35 Ludicra- Wooden Walls
36 Ludicra- Walk The Path Of Ash
37 Ludicra- This Empty Throne
38 Lycanthropy- PC@HC
39 Lycanthropy- The Mask Of Arrogance
40 Lycanthropy- Virtual Bliss
41 Lycanthropy- No Repsect, No Remorse
42 Birdflesh- Coffinfucker
43 Birdflesh- Night Of The Ultimate Mosh
44 Birdflesh- The Rolling Massgrave

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