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Sonic Cathedrals Vol.

The countdown is almost over…tomorrow night CVLT Nation and You’re Not Human will bring down the house at The Exchange in Bristol, with a killer lineup featuring Corrupt Moral Altar, Human Cull, Burden of the Noose and ATOMCK! One more day, and one day for you to listen to the rad mixtape ATOMCK has put together for us below!

Assuming that everyone’s already heard Naplam Death and Extreme Noise Terror I thought it best to merely provide a collection of sounds off the hard-drive of this computer that I like, and that I think other people will also like. There is no real context for any of the following other than that premise.


Corupt Moral Altar (1)

Sonic Cathedrals Vol. CXVIV ATOMCK Track List:

• 1. huun hur tu – lament
• Huun Hur Tu hail from TUVA, small nation between Russian and Mongolia. They play a folk music that westerners call ‘throat singing’ as opposed to proper singing or something. It sounds awesome.

• 2. comus – the prisoner
• The best deranged sounding, paranoia-driven acoustic band known to me. Better than Current 93 so don’t bother putting that in the comments. As if.

• 3. rudimentary peni – vampire state building
• Squatter vibes abound with a sense of isolation and unhinged urgency. Highly recommended.

• 4. matfield and the pond – snorkeling
• This is the ‘canterbury scene’ style band that my secondary school English teacher played in before he got a real job. So I doubt you will have heard them before. #I_prefer_the_early_demos

• 5. voivod – missing sequences
• Oh all right, here’s some metal for you. Sounds like a strange mix of no-wave and Holst though so bad luck.

• 6. anchiskhati choir – alilo
• This style of music is called ‘Georgian polyphonic singing’ because it comes from Georgia and is, well, polyphonic. I like how it sounds, very uplifting.

• 7. CSSO – worst
• Ah, CLOTTED SYMMETRIC SEXUAL ORGAN, genre-mashing greatness from Nippon. Rock and roll baby!

• 8. craw – chop shop
• Craw are superb- a great mid point between the snotty punk vocals of the DK’s and the more technical approach of 90s HYDRA HEAD bands. Plus the drummer is also in KEELHAUL. And the lyrics are funny as well.

• 9. king crimson – dinosaur
• Obviously we all know the best KC stuff is from the 70s but instead why not listen to this silly tune they wrote in the 90s? It’s about how old men can still be sexually potent says Robert Fripp.

• 10. doc watson – black mountain rag
• No one plays ‘fiddle-guitar’ better than a blind dude going by the name of doc. Breezy! Enjoy life!

• 11. cementimental – humalien 002
• This will definitely be your favourite track on this mixtape if they actually publish it. Go tell me how right I was in the comments below.

• 12. colossomite – hot house
• I don’t know a huge amount about this band other than I like how they sound. The vocalist of my band got sent their CD for free when he bought something from a distro 500 years ago when people still did that.

• 13. cromagnon – caledonia
• The most listenable track from this band of hippies, weirdos and session musicians. I like the bagpipes, reminds me of a trip to Edinburgh I once made.

• 14. khusugtun – (I have no idea what this is called, the track is spelled in cyrillic)
• This lot are from MONGOLIA. Their music has similarities to the TUVAN track I included but it’s also different and everything. Check ’em out kids.

• 15. dave swarbick – the kid on the mountain
• Nice violin and guitar Celtic folk music because that’s what people came here for yeah. Yeah?

• 16. jeremey schmidt – sentionauts
• Lovely Fulchi-style soundtrack that came from the film BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW that not many people seemed to like but I did. The central refrain of this tune is cool and ominous.

• 17. yacopsae – drahtseilakt
• This is the sort of thing they were expecting me to post when I got asked to do this for the first and probably last time. Fast as hell.

• 18. tom waits – what’s he building in there?
• It’s Tom Waits. Google yo.

• 19. blind idiot god – stravinsky/blasting off
• Interesting no-vocals metallic outsider stuff here, but played really well.

• 20. gate – collapsed
• A contemporary Japanese grindcore band. Great energy, if chakras existed theirs would be wide open.

• 21. hard to swallow – needle deep
• Righteous hardcore from 90s Britain. Remember the 90s? Before WMD and everything? They were great.

• 22. alash – bashtak
• Closing out with some more nice TUVAN music. Alash are a current group with a slightly less traditional outlook. They list Jimi Hendrix as a guy they like. I also like that guy so and so do you so we all agree on something at least. Thanks for bearing with me.

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