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Sonic Cathedrals Mixtape Series
Vol. XIV Curated by NAILS

CVLT Nation is radically stoked to announce that the Sonic Cathedrals Mixtape Series Vol. XIV Curated by NAILS goes live today! I’m almost at a loss for words, because this is one of my favorites, plus Todd Jones from the NAILS curated a killer mixtape. He surprised me in a good way with his song selection – he dug deep, and picked many bands from the 80’s that I grew up listening to. He didn’t stop there: Todd also picked some off the wall, obscure shit for the mix that sounds awesome. What really makes Sonic Cathedrals Mixtape Series Vol. XIV so special is that he took the time to write what each song meant to him, which makes this mix personal and ultra gnarly! Fuck all of the talking, download Sonic Cathedrals Vol. XIV Curated by NAILS after the jump, & blast this game of death beyond loud…MAKE YOUR SKULL BURST!

Sonic Cathedrals Mixtape Series Vol. XIV Curated by NAILS TRACKLIST:

1. Battlion Of Saints “Second Coming” 7″

Let’s start this off ugly. My favorite recording of my favorite BATS track. mid-80’s
California Hardcore/Punk at it’s most frantic.

2. Dr. Know “Life Returns” from Plug In Jesus 12″

Another California banger from 1984. These guys are from my hometown (Oxnard).
I saw Kyle Toucher in a supermarket a year ago and he brushed me off when I tried to talk to him. I thought
it was awesome.

3. Excruciating Terror “Suspense” from Expression Of Pain

Underrated Los Angeles Metal/Hardcore band. Hard song.

4. Char Man “???”

Char Man is from Ojai, California. My cousin Tony plays drums for them. He also played drums on Annihilation Time “2” album and all the In Control recordings up until their last EP. This song is from a session that Char Man was going to self release as a 12″ but as far as I know, that hasn’t happened. This band is great and if their 12″ comes out I think they’ll be getting a lot of recognition outside of Ventura County.

5. Asphyx “Food For The Ignorant”

Taylor from Nails introduced me to this band from the Netherlands. This song is fucking hard.

6. Artificial Peace “Outside Looking In”

I love this band. “I won’t kiss their ass if they can’t accept me”.

7. Godflesh “Dream Long Dead”

Some days I feel like this song is the heaviest piece of music I’ve ever heard.

8. Warcry “Deprogram”

My favorite hardcore band and possibly my favorite live band to see. I always thought it sucked that people who play hardcore don’t take their playing that seriously. When they hit the stage, they hit fucking hard as hell. It doesn’t get any better than this for my money.

9. Skin Like Iron “Violent Trauma”

I admire this band a lot. They have released a wealth of material in the past 3 years and seem to have develop a style all of their own. Pick up their new full length entitled “Arrival” on React! Records to be out in July.

10. Husker Du “First Of The Last Calls”

This song reminds me of when I lived with Ryan from In Control. Chris from Annihilation Time and his two bothers in a 4 bedroom house in Oxnard. We would stay up until late hours of the night and play card games. Ryan turned me onto “Metal Circus”. i miss those guys.

11. Dead Black “Outro”

I once described Dead Black as “songs that sounded like they were written at 4am”. I wish I was able to write something this heavy and bleak.

12. Assuck “Corners”

If I had a penny for every punk I’ve seen wearing an Assuck patch, I’d probably have at least $10.

13. Cold As Life “Little From The World”

A lot of bands try to be “hard” but when they haven’t experienced enough hard challenges in life their tameness it really is obvious in their music. Michigans’s Cold As Life has not had it that easy and it really shows in their music. When I think of Detroit, I think of this song.

14. Rudimentary Peni “Defined By Age”

I’m sorry but I have nothing witty or interesting to say about this song.

15. Fell To Low “Thermo”

John Gianelli (who you might know as the bassist in Nails) plays guitar in this band. I love this band. Nails did our first tour with Fell To Low. I am envious of their chemistry.

16. Crossed Out “Practiced Hatred”

My favorite Crossed Out song.

17. Innumerable Forms “Life Beyond Life”

Death Metal seems to be making a huge comeback these days but I’ve been seeing Justin wear shirts with unreadable band logos on them for approximately 10 years now. I’d like to hear a band that is able to make something as dark and as punishing as Justin Detore does it.

18. Straight Ahead “Breakaway”

Fucking Straight Ahead. “Everyone, everywhere: tear this place DOWN”.

19. In Cold Blood “War Is Waged”

I think In Cold Blood got lost in the shuffle at Victory Records when this album dropped in 1999. Check out “Hell On Earth”.

20. Scott Kelly “The Searchers”

Let’s wrap this up with a track from the 2nd hardest human being alive…

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1 Comment

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    uplad it again, please

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