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Blackened Crust

Slither to Your Death:
Augurs Debut Demo Review + Stream

San Francisco Bay Area, Oakland… Grind! Are you fucking kidding me? Can you possibly go wrong? A grindcore band from Oakland that fattens everything up by adding to their razorwire crust-grind assault elements of sludge and doom in the vein of  Corrupted? I don’t think so! Augurs are a slimy, filthy, completely deranged and totally uncategorizeable extreme-everything foursome from Oakland that, among other things, feature on bass Jesika Christ (a former member of Ludicra), and their debut demo is like the first encounter with a new deadly disease no one had ever heard of or seen before.


Seriously, this music will infect you like a plague and  leave you agonizing in a pit of bile, piss and puss after just a few seconds into the spiteful and slithering mauling of opening track “Deist”. The amount of rage, cacophony, and utter chaos these three tracks convey is at times mesmerizing and at times just downright sickening. The extreme changes in tempo and mood make this demo feel like a deathly roller-coaster, a complete hellride. Recorded by the awesome as usual Greg Wilkinson at the even more awesome Hearhammer Studios of Oakland, this demo is an ordeal of devastating ups and downs, slows and fasts and menacing to rotting that will leave you fucking disfigured and gnawing on your own joints in complete madness, wondering what the fuck ever happened to your sanity and what could have ever made these four slime-mongers so pissed and disgusted with the world. You can grab this awesome tape from the equally awesome dudes over at Hash Crimes, a local Bay Area DIY label who put this baby out just a few months ago. The band is currently touring the North West, and during the trek they will meet up with the legendary Billy Anderson to record a new 7″, so get fucking stoked!


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