Seven Stories…Gemma Shaw

Photographer: Gemma Shaw
Based in: Hastings/ Brighton/ London UK


Kvelertak live at The London Underworld, 26th Nov. 2011
I have been photographing bands since I can remember and last year I finally got the chance to see Kvelertak up in London. The crowd were mental and I was being thrown all over the place. I took this photo of the singer, Erlend Hjelvik, just as another photographer next to me took a photo too and his camera flash made it totally overexposed but I love it. I have more photos of this gig on my website


Rwake live at The London Underworld, April 2011
This photo was taken of the mighty band Rwake on the release of their amazing new album ‘Rest’. Rwake played an amazing set and I had been waiting to see them for ages and ended up seeing them 3 times that year! I love the colours in this photo and the expression on CTs face.


Cough live at Roadburn Festival, Holland, April 2011
Cough are an amazing live band and I feel this photo reflects the style of the sludgy doom band well, it’s dark, grainy and full of atmosphere.


Blood Ceremony live at Roadburn Festival, Holland, April 2011
Blood Ceremony are an awesome band from Canada, and I managed to catch them at Roadburn last year. This was my third year and Roadburn and if you ever get a chance to go, do it! The lights for this set were perfect for photographers. This is a photo of the gorgeous Alia O’Brien, the singer of Blood Ceremony. I love the composition of this photo.


Beehoover live at The Purple Turtle, London, 2011
Beehoover are an amazing two piece band from Germany. This is a photo of Ingmar Petersen, the guitarist/ singer. This photo was taken with a long shutter speed focusing in close then zooming out while taking the photo. More of my photos of Beehoover are on their website.


Wolves in the Throne Room live at Roadburn Festival, 2009
Taken at Roadburn in 2009, in pretty much darkness except for one small light on singer/ guitarist Nathan Weaver. I love this photo as it shows the atmosphere and energy of the music.


Kylesa live at The Brighton Barfly, 2008
I love Kylesa and I love this photo of Laura Plesants, This was the first time I saw Kylesa in a small club in Brighton. I used a slow sync flash and it captured the movement of the singer perfectly as she head banged to the music. More of my photography is up on

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