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Black Metal

Known Flood Review

Sannhet is a Brooklyn-based trio with a sound best described as post-rock-meets-black-metal with a dash of crusty-sludge-meets-doom. Isis banging Watain and Tragedy in a strange, and possibly deadly, sexual encounter in a dirty bathroom. Or the odd offspring of such an illicit affair; an almost non-verbal, dark, and violent genius that no one ever wants to piss off. The kind of music that would feel at home in a slasher film. Or a psychological thriller. Or in a documentary about abandoned mental hospitals. Sannhet’s debut full-length, Known Flood, is at once heavy, cathartic, beautiful and crushingly brilliant.

Many bands try to blend styles and genres. Many fail. A lot end up sounding forced, and with that, fake or processed. Sannhet succeeds in every aspect with Known Flood. There’s something for everyone. Blast-beats coexist with melody, sludge and drone parts give way to recorded samples and bits of crusty goodness. The band, made up of Christopher Todd, John Refano and AJ Annunziata, make it sound easy. They seamlessly fuse these sounds together in a very unique way. Songs such as ‘Safe Passage’ and ‘Invisible Wounds’ flow into one another perfectly. The same can be said for ‘Moral’ and ‘Slow Ruin.’ It’s quite artful, in that the record never loses any steam. It plows along, crushing everything in its path.


The production is very impressive as well. Known Flood was recorded by Colin Marston (Krallice) at Menegroth: The Thousand Caves, and was mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering. These guys made great sounds sound even better.

Known Flood, is heavy stuff meant to be paired with heavy things. (Figuratively heavy, not dumbbells or free weights, unless you’re going to use them to crush someones skull.) Best to let the tunes handle that. Just put it on, turn it up, and let the aggressiveness cleanse you. Repeat if necessary.

Sannhet’s Known Flood was released February 19, 2013, via Sacrament Music. Visit to pick up the LP. You will not be disappointed.

— JH Statts

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