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80s Hardcore

Salad Days:
The DC Punk Revolution
Documentary Trailer//
Photo Essay

Straight up and down, I’m a Venice local for life, and although the early 80’s SoCal hardcore movement nurtured me, part of me has a deep affinity for the 80’s hardcore scene in Washington D.C.. Back in the day, we all loved any band from this city, from S.O.A., Double O, Scream, Minor Threat, Faith, Void – the list could go on. Even with age, my memories of Marginal Man at the Cathay De Grand are still fresh in my head. This is why when I heard that Scott Crawford was making a documentary about this historic scene entitled Salad Days: The DC Punk Revolution, I became way more than excited! I know for a fact that many people from this era are going to be so stoked to see this film finished. Plus, it’s going to be killer for the younger generation to see how the D.C. punks were on point in the 80’s. Check out an epic vintage hardcore photo gallery that will give you a look into punk history, after the jump. Plus, peep the trailer for Salad Days: The DC Punk Revolution. Stay tuned for more updates about this documentary in the future!

Embrace/9:30 Club, 1985. “Salad Days” writer/director Scott Crawford on side of stage in striped shirt at age of 13. (photo by Joseph Henderson)

Guy Picciotto/Rites of Spring (photo by Tina Ericson)

Marginal Man, 1984 (playing LA’s Cathay De Grande) photo by Joseph Henderson

Grand Mal, 1983 (photo by Ellie Moran)

United Mutation, WUST Radio Hall, 1985 (photo by Michael Salkind)

Outside the famed Wilson Center, 1983 (photo by Rebecca Hamell)

The Faith at Wilson Center, 1983 (photo by Rebecca Hamell)

Skeeter Scream

Bad Brains …9:30 Club, 1983 (photo by Malcolm Riviera)

ad Brains …9:30 Club, 1983 (photo by Malcolm Riviera)

Sab Grey/Iron Cross…1983 (photo Ellie Moran)

Minor Threat/Wilson Center…1983 (photo by Ellie Moran)

Guy Picciotto/Rites of Spring …1985 (photo by Amy Pickering)

Dag Nasty…in the WMUC studio? 1985 (photo by Amy Pickering)

Rites of Spring/March 1985 at Food for Thought (photo by Bert Queiroz)

Artificial Peace/1982 (photo by Malcolm Riviera)

Bad Brains 1982…(photo by Malcolm Riviera)

Bad Brains 1982…(photo by Malcolm Riviera)

Toni Young of Red C (Photo by Jim Saah)

Lara “Lynch” Connolly of Nuclear Crayons 1982 (photo by Malcolm Riviera)

Government Issue/9:30 Club 1982 (photo by Malcolm Riviera)

All photos from Salad Days: The DC Punk Revolution DOCUMENTARY Face book page!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. John Sybert

    October 1, 2014 at 9:36 am

    the minor threat show looks like it was at landsburgh center not wilson center

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