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Black Metal

Sad Grind: Absvrdist’s Illusory Review

Absvrdist play a signature  brand of grindcore with a splash of black metal. What is most interesting about Absvrdist’s lone release is that in sound it bears little resemblance to the oft too serious tone of its roots. Illusory’s 26 minutes tears through like a speed addict’s playtime. Relentless is the best word to place on this work. The record’s attention-nabbing moments are unfortunately few and far between, with the songs at times melting into an indistinguishable whole. This appreciatively does not incur boredom. Absvrdist showcases grand musicianship that rears its corpse painted head midway through with “Amongst Humans.” The grind aspect is pulled back a moment to treat us to furious melody dancing on a smattering wall. This amalgamation seems to meet a near-perfect balance at Illusory’s midway point, blending abrasiveness with melody to startling results at times. “Delusion” brings forth a nuclear payload’s worth of death metal, highlighting one of the heaviest moments on Illusory. The last two tracks give way to sheer exposition with “Brood,” with “Abstract Absurdities” continuing this along with brooding complexity. “Abstract Absurdities” is the longest track and the most rewarding, atmospheric at a brisk pace and brutal without gimmicks.

Much of what makes this record successful is its marriage of genre, though while at times clunky, very few can boast of such strong results. The neck-snapping speed at which it moves, the underlying tenderness that permeates most every aspect and all this while never losing its no-fucks-given attitude, Absvrdist’s work here is commendable.

Absvrdist’s Illusory can be listened to and bought here.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Dave K

    September 6, 2012 at 1:16 pm

    This record is pure class.

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