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Psycho California 2015
Day Three

This year’s Psycho California was a massive success with an unrivaled lineup! No doubt people are already planning their trip to next year’s edition. The awesome photographer Josh Ford was there to capture all of the best sets for us, and today we have Day Three for you, featuring EARTHLESS, COFFINWORM, OM and PENTAGRAM! If you haven’t yet checked out our Day One and Day Two coverage, make sure you do, and then head over to the Psycho California facebook page to stay in the loop for next year…



375_PsychoFest_cvltnation_FORD 376_PsychoFest_cvltnation_FORD 377_PsychoFest_cvltnation_FORD 378_PsychoFest_cvltnation_FORD


379_PsychoFest_cvltnation_FORD 380_PsychoFest_cvltnation_FORD 381_PsychoFest_cvltnation_FORD 382_PsychoFest_cvltnation_FORD

383_PsychoFest_cvltnation_FORD 384_PsychoFest_cvltnation_FORD 385_PsychoFest_cvltnation_FORD 386_PsychoFest_cvltnation_FORD 387_PsychoFest_cvltnation_FORD 388_PsychoFest_cvltnation_FORD 389_PsychoFest_cvltnation_FORD 390_PsychoFest_cvltnation_FORD 391_PsychoFest_cvltnation_FORD 392_PsychoFest_cvltnation_FORD 393_PsychoFest_cvltnation_FORD 394_PsychoFest_cvltnation_FORD 395_PsychoFest_cvltnation_FORD

396_PsychoFest_cvltnation_FORD 397_PsychoFest_cvltnation_FORD 398_PsychoFest_cvltnation_FORD 399_PsychoFest_cvltnation_FORD 400_PsychoFest_cvltnation_FORD 401_PsychoFest_cvltnation_FORD 402_PsychoFest_cvltnation_FORD 403_PsychoFest_cvltnation_FORD 404_PsychoFest_cvltnation_FORD 405_PsychoFest_cvltnation_FORD 406_PsychoFest_cvltnation_FORD 407_PsychoFest_cvltnation_FORD 408_PsychoFest_cvltnation_FORD 409_PsychoFest_cvltnation_FORD 410_PsychoFest_cvltnation_FORD 411_PsychoFest_cvltnation_FORD 412_PsychoFest_cvltnation_FORD 413_PsychoFest_cvltnation_FORD 414_PsychoFest_cvltnation_FORD 415_PsychoFest_cvltnation_FORD

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1 Comment

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    June 8, 2015 at 4:12 pm


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