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Minneapolis based label Profane Existence came into being during the late 80’s. Comprising of a print (and now also an online) publication, distro and sweet as heck label, the collective’s mission was, and still is, as simple as this – to make “…punk a threat again.”

It’s probably best to get the lowdown from the group themselves:

The Profane Existence Collective was formed in 1989 by a group of people with the common goal of building a stronger and more politically active punk movement. As a collective, we are a small group of individuals that have joined together our ideas and abilities to work on numerous projects as part of a single entity, in an overall struggle against tyranny and oppression. Everyone likes to pigeonhole and this is how we prefer to look at ourselves: Our politics are anti-state and anti-oppression (anarchist if you prefer) and our community is from within the DIY (“Do It Yourself”) punk rock movement.

Hit the jump for a brief look at what’s in store.

Releasing incredible records from some of the best bands in the scene today, Profane Existence know no bounds. This is a label with something to say and their voice most certainly needs to be heard. Channeling their vision through their own magazine, literature and the bands that they deal with, this collective are an important part of the DIY community.

7″‘s, LP’s, complete discographies and compilations are all part of the label’s make-up. From the anarcho-crust punk of Appalachian Terror Unit, to the 80’s hardcore tinged d-beat of Against Empire and the tongue in cheek political humour of the thrashy In Defence, the label’s roster is as tenacious as ever and is going from strength to strength with every piece of music they put out.

It’s safe to say that each of the bands mentioned above, and many others adorning the hallways of Profane Existence’s proverbial office, have a lot to say about the world and it’s current failings. Political references abound and the voice of the oppressed is vocalised throughout multiple releases.

Take a glimpse of the artwork for Appalachian Terror Unit’s upcoming 7″ Black Sands. A knowing nod to recent and ongoing oil-spill disasters and ultimately the destruction caused by man on the natural world and on his own life. Take a closer listen to Dresden’s Extinguish The Cross 7″ and their intense crossover take on the state of their nation. Delve into the discography of crust influenced Wartorn, and submerge yourself in the most exciting compilation of the year so far – Welcome To Minneapolis – featuring the aforementioned In Defence, plus five other excellent bands from the Minneapolis area.

The plethora of upcoming releases is almost overwhelming, the Welcome To Minneapolis comp itself a goldmine of established and upcoming talent. Highlights being Kontrasekt’s doom influenced punk style and how it’s completely at odds with Varix and their terrifying ferocity. All the bands featured play an active role in the punk community, whether that’s by supporting the live branch of the scene or by being politically aware and all for the messages they portray. It’s exhausting stuff, the six bands bashing through a track each and still the run-time doesn’t even hit the ten minute mark.

Against Empire deal in huge blackened crust style mantras, with a hint of group vocals and plenty of spite and disgust. Somehow able to swing between super quick barely there tracks and more fully realised tunes, Thieves And Leeches is a fine example of a band living for a cause. They even throw in a cover of a Crucifix (a massively influential hardcore band around in the 80’s) track, just because they can.

Labels such as Profane Existence are extremely important. Not only are they giving a voice to the disenfranchised, they are educating their audience in the process. It’s crucial, now more than ever, that people are aware of just how fucked this world is. Profane Existence – the people, the bands, the community – are here to make a stand. They are here to be involved, to enforce progress. To make punk a threat again.



1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. PartyAnimal

    January 26, 2012 at 5:58 pm

    Proud to coexist in a city with such a fucking awesome label.

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