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Black Metal

Premiere: Arête Demo EP

CVLT Nation is proud to introduce new atmospheric black metal band, Arete, and their exclusive stream, courtesy of the band.

Arete is a new project courtesy of Paul Ravenwood from Twilight Fauna, with Ravenwood handling vocals, banjo and wind instruments; Chase Ambler of Deafest on guitars; Dylan Rupe of Evergreen Refuge also on guitars; Nick Trandahl writing lyrics, and Patrick of Infinite Forests Photography handling visuals for the band.  An atmospheric black metal project, the soundscape of their debut release features plenty of acoustic guitars and ambient sections, raspy black metal vocals and pace-setting percussion.

Arete is perfect for an introspective walk through the woodlands, a hike up the mountains, or nearly any getaway from the desolate concrete walkways of civilization as we know it.  The spoken word passages are akin to ancient early music, and are haunting and poetic.  On track one, “Sojourner,” the band set a reflective mood for the listener intent on rediscovering nature amidst a lifestyle of frantic procession.  It’s easy to sit down on the couch and let the music take you away, bringing you somewhere more melancholic and beautiful, the strumming guitars of track two, “Unquiet Passing,” melting away the stresses and rigors of urban life.

Label: Fragile Branch


The razor-thin but acutely sharp guitar sections of the album remind the listener of bands that aim to bring back music lost in the aeons of time.  Tremolo riffs merge with steady downpicks and uppicks, acoustic guitars and banjo shredding.  In today’s post-metal scene and blatant gimmickry and posery in music, it is refreshing to catch a band still in its epigenesis, like a butterfly shedding its pupa, letting beautiful, striking wings test the air for the first time.

So, here is our exclusive stream of Arete’s wonderful debut release.  Listen and support the forward-thinking members of this talented ensemble.





  1. Paul Ravenwood

    April 22, 2016 at 7:24 am

    this is the perfect premiere for Earth Day

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