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Nekrospirituals: fraktal & astral reflections of Azat Psy Tantra

To mark this one year evolution of Cvlt Nation, I will unveil to anyone willing to enter the astral art real of Azat Psy Tantra. He is the prolific spiritual mind behind Alien Deviant Circus, a name that invoked even cosmic awe and confusion. Their form of projections is that of industrialized black metal, in a metaphysical vein. He is responsible for [theta waves, annunciation, fraktals and guitar] and besides this, somehow spends the rest of his time in meditation or forming these scientifically dark and eerie visions into his art. The nekrospiritual; pertaining to nothingness, and other ethereal planes beyond the mortal veil. Personally the representations of the abandoned landscapes, or left hand path manifestations would not be my first choice of art, but my level of understanding for such concepts and respect for the individual behind them goes beyond mere appreciation. There is injected a heavy sense of allegory and symbolism into each work, that if given the chance to commerce with Azat Psy-Tantra i’m sure he would not hesitate to give immensely detailed metaphorical meanings to them. I have collected a small portion from his portfolio here for viewing of the mind’s eye. Best looked at while sleeping, yes that’s right.

From a speech with Azat Psy-Tantra
“I have a preference for strong hallucinogens to cross the borders of dimensions and perceptions, and to know other modes of existence … Thus ayahuasca, datura, peyote and other plants and ointments can philosophers and researchers to increase their vision of what is commonly referred to as reality … and allow them to understand the limited world in which we evolve!”
On his art “I work on esoteric and philosophical concepts and I set out my vision and in galleries. They are A to Z of my concepts and emanation of my entelechy”

Fusion ov dark currents and a gnostic visionary here

To open the other side

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