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Midnite Communion II Mixtape by COUGH

Midnite Communion II is almost upon us, and to prepare you for this celebration of darkness, COUGH has curated a mixtape for CVLT Nation readers! Hit play and download below, and check out what they have to say about it. Make sure you also check out the Midnite Congregation: Verse II mixtape here, and our Midnite Collective interview series here

Here’s a collection of songs we’ve compiled for various reasons. Some of us wanted to stick to classic jams while others wanted to showcase our peers. The result is basically a 2-hour long back-and-forth between our favorite semi-obscure groups of the ’70’s and today. Having just returned from Australia and New Zealand, I wanted to spread the word about a handful of bands I saw down there (Horsehunter, Watchtower, Greenfog, and Whitehorse). It kicks off with an unreleased Cough song that was recorded a couple years back for our own amusement. Grime are our brothers from a different motherland. Caronte, also from Italy, tore it up when we played with them in 2011. Earlier this year they asked me to do vocals on a track from their forthcoming LP (‘Church of Shamanic Goetia’). This isn’t that song but I think the whole album rips. Sinister Haze is Brandon’s other band and they’ve got an album coming soon from Forcefield Records. Pleed the 5th (sic) is a deep cut from Bobby Liebling. Both the band name and the track title (“Sapce Marshall”) are spelled the same here as on the CD in an attempt to preserve ‘artistic license.’


[audio: – Cough – Fuck Up.mp3, – Wicked Lady – I’m A Freak.mp3, – Grime – Pouring Out the Hatred.mp3, – Stack Waddy – Hoochie Coochie Man.mp3, – Greenfog – MC Nugget.mp3, – The Druids of Stonehenge – I Put A Spell On You.mp3, – Fogg – The Wall.mp3, – Groundhogs – BDD.mp3, – Watchtower – Absinthism.mp3, – Leaf Hound – Drowned My Life In Fear.mp3, – Forn – Dweller on the Threshold.mp3, – Dust – From A Dry Camel.mp3, – Ilsa – Fluid Bound.mp3, – Caronte – Maa-Kheru’s Rebirth.mp3, – Frijid Pink – Crying Shame.mp3, – Horsehunter – Stoned to Death.mp3, – Budgie – Parents.mp3, – Whitehorse – Sixteen.mp3, – Gram Parsons – Race With The Wind.mp3, – Sinister Haze – Shot Through the Darkness.mp3, – Pleed the 5th – Sapce Marshall.mp3|titles=Midnite Communion II Mixtape by COUGH]



Midnite Communion II Mixtape by COUGH Tracklist:

1 Cough – Fuck Up
2 Wicked Lady – I’m a Freak
3 Grime – Pouring Out the Hatred
4 Stack Waddy – Hoochie Coochie Man
5 Greenfog – MC Nugget
6 The Druids of Stonehenge – I Put a Spell on You
7 Fogg – ‘The Wall
8 Groundhogs – B.D.D.
9 Watchtower – Absinthism
10 Leaf Hound – Drowned My Life in Fear
11 Forn – Dweller on the Threshold
12 Dust – From a Dry Camel
13 Ilsa – Fluid Bound
14 Caronte – Maa-Kheru’s Rebirth
15 Frijid Pink – Crying Shame
16 Horsehunter- Stoned to Death
17 Budgie – Parents
18 Whitehorse – Sixteen
19 Gram Parsons – Race With the Wind
20 Sinister Haze – Shot Through the Darkness
21 Pleed the 5th – Sapce Marshall



  1. Greg Bourke

    November 13, 2014 at 8:10 am

    JD Emrich Joel Boucher Chris Fox Keith Lewtas killer mix tape! Some modern but sooooooo many classics too!

  2. Sktrst Null

    November 13, 2014 at 5:56 am

    Midnite Congregation II

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