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CVLT Nation Interviews: Dialogue with Dephosphorus

Alright, coming back to Dephosphorus proper: the teased split with Finland’s Haapoja — how’s it looking? Was it exciting connecting with those guys especially after their contribution to the Monomaniac series? When can we expect to be able to get a copy?

PANOS: Thanos found out about Haapoja a few years ago and we’ve felt instantly connected with what they were doing and got in touch. I’ve stocked their debut demo’s copies at my distro (Blastbeat Mailmurder), then offered them to participate in the Monomaniac vol.2/3 compilation. Teaming up for a split was just a matter of time and it’s turning out to be a helluva release since it’s not the usual “my side, your side” type of split. Indeed we’ve collaborated on some tunes and even tried a few things for the very first time! E.T.A. is sometime during the next months, hopefully around May or June.

Do you have anything planned outside of this split for the near future which you can divulge to us now?

PANOS: We’re composing material for a mini-LP which we will hopefully record this summer. It will be on a different style than “R.S” and the split-LP with Haapoja, presenting another facet of astrogrind.

If nothing can be said of Dephosphorus, how about any of your other efforts outside of this one? Do you have any future collaborations we can patiently await outside of Dephosphorus?

PANOS: Ever since Thanos left for Sweden, I’ve been trying to mount a local band in order to maintain my voice in full shape and play some gigs. It seems that this is finally happening and hopefully you’ll get a first taste in forthcoming Monomaniac Vol. 4 comp.

During the last years, I’ve laid down vokills and contributed sample to two releases: the Amnis Nihili “Christological Escalation” MCD/10” MLP (a fine slab of modern black metal), and Kvazar’s side on the split-LP with Kvazar (sheer grindcore fury versus dark hardcore).

I hope that I will finally get my shit together in 2014 and release a ridiculously delayed tape, the split between my personal project Kommpound and local noise outfit Hellboy 106. The music has been ready for several years now with the cover artwork having been drawn back in 2007! It’s an important release for me, because I’ve never managed to fully focus and release much stuff with Kommpound – even though I have tracked several hours of material throughout the years. Other band/label priorities have always drained my time and energy. This will be the project’s first full-length release with my track clocking at around 40 minutes. Overall, the release will be a tribute to Mike Mignola’s Hellboy comic series, therefore the title (“The Mignola split”).

From Thanos’ side we should also hear soon enough more of his personal project, Nafthalyn. I know he’s been arming himself to the teeth with analog generators and various effects!

With Thanos’ move, I see there will be no live performances. Is it relatively natural capturing your sound and chemistry live, and how often did you get the chance to play in the current social/economic climate?

PANOS: We’ve never played live so far. Patience!

As for Blastbeat Mailmurder/Productions is there anything coming up that readers should be informed about now that we’re getting deeper into 2014?

PANOS: Absolutely! Except the Kommpound/Hellboy 106 “The Mignola Split” tape mentioned above, there’s two vinyl releases planned for the next months.

The first one is Monomaniac Vol. 4 comp LP. The concept of the series is that each band contributes approximately one minute of music. This volume will be the most diverse so far with several experimental projects additionally to the usual black/death/grind attack. Some of the bands participating are Bölzer, Deathcult, Vuyvr, Archagatus, Flesh Police, Column Of Heaven, Head Hits Concrete, Impure Worship, Swollen Organs, etc. As usual, the artwork is designed by Viral Graphics and the vinyl mastering is done by C.Sinclair of Diocletian/Witchrist fame.

The second one is a scoop, since I haven’t announced it elsewhere yet! It will be a compilation EP entitled “Jesus Fucking Wept Vol. 1”. The bands participating are all in a chainsaw black/death register: Ogdru Jahad (Denmark), Weregoat (U.S.A.), Necroholocaust (Canada), Impure Worship (Greece) and Necroblood (France). The tentative format is 7” EP, but this is subject to change, and the artwork is designed by Viral Graphics.

After those two, I will probably take a break for a while from releasing vinyl.

Are there any records that you guys have been particularly enjoying this year? They don’t have to have been released this year mind you, or even metal. Anything you think we should absolutely know about?

THANOS: Young Widows “In and Out of Youth and Lightness”, Baxter Stockman “Punter”, Aluk Todolo “Occult Rock”, Coliseum “Sister Faith”, Helm “Silencer EP”, Goat “World Music”, Hebosagil “Lahto”, Oranssi Pazuzu “Valionelu”, Stereo Animal “Neolithic” and Hatred Surge “Human Overdose” to name a few.

PANOS: I would definitely recommend most of the albums mentioned above, plus Cornigr’s “Relics Of Inner War” that both me and Thanos have been listening to on repeat lately. I’m currently still digesting the new Dead Congregation album that I’ve been lucky to be one of the first ones to hear; this will change the face of death metal forever! I am also right at this moment discovering the new masterpiece of Diocletian, “Gesundrian”, which is undeniably their strongest album so far and a monstrous blackened death metal opus. I’ve been digging a lot electronic/noise stuff (Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement, Vatican Shadow, Ron Morelli, Boards Of Canada, Bonobo) plus re-discovered on vinyl classic prog rock albums from King Crimson and Genesis.

The band that I’ve listened to obsessively during the last year or so is Nasenbluten. They hailed from Newcastle in Australia and were easily one of the most radical acts of the 90’s. They were pulling off lo-fi hardcore/gabber techno beats on Amiga computers (therefore the moniker of “Amigacore” that has often been used in order to describe their music) and were chopping off  with their turntables incredibly cool samples from hip-hop records and Australian T.V. They also had their own label, Bloody Fist, whose catalog can be found online at Bandcamp.


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