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The early 80’s hardcore scene produced some special artists, but it was what those people became later on in life that really made it interesting. 1987 was a great year, because it was the year that one of the greatest bands ever formed, FUGAZI. It’s hard for me to even say how much I fucking love this band – they inspire to be a better human and to be creative. FUGAZI’s Instrument documentary is something that everyone should see. The footage in this film is unreal, you get a chance to see and hear the band like never before. It’s interesting that everyone in this band played in hardcore bands before, but by far this was the most punk band they played in! Watching this film almost makes me think of them more as a jazz band than anything else; fuck that, kill labels. These dudes were some of the best performers hands down, and what would the independent record industry without DISCHORD Records? This documentary offers the human side to a band that not too many people knew about outside of their music. This my theory: if you are not a FUGAZI fan, Instrument will make you one. After the jump, check out what is, in my opinion, one of the best movies made about music.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Kenneth

    January 20, 2012 at 11:35 am

    Aaaarrrghhh. This band was for me The Icons of an era where energy, performance, intelligent, fantastic good songs, hard punk and with a straight edge attitude ever been on Earth played. I remember one night in a squatted house I had made ten customized stencil art tees out of aerosol painting who smelled hell(I am a fashion designer)from worn out old tees, we had a case of beer in the line outside, gave away all the tees and enter into a mayhem of a concert, stage diving with the audience, with the band, without the band, the crowd was moving from one side to the other. The band, never, ever stopped playing for nearly two hours, the audience was never violent or nothing bad happening even the situation was out of control, just everybody was a big smile, singing on “repeater” or any song played. This was one of the top five concert I ever been too and I have been to a lot of festivals (8 years in a row Roskilde) managing a rock pub with a concert stage so folks if you have not seen or heard Fugazi see this film or listen to one of their records as they are quite different then the ordinary punk records (except The Clash).Aaaarrrghhh Cheers Kenneth

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