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80s Hardcore

HEAVY HOUR (((666))) – Featuring

I’ve captured a bunch of killer bands performing recently that I’d like to share with you on this edition of The Heavy Hour.

Featured first, is VHOL, from San Francisco, California. They play Metal shaped with influences in 80’s Black Metal, Discharge Worship and the Grey Metal sound that the core members helped establish with their previous band Ludicra. This is one of those bands that comes around and challenges the listeners perception of what should be by combining incredibly talented individuals with a wealth of musical appreciation and a passion for Crushing!

Up next is, Uzala, a Heavy band from Boise, Idaho. They play some really doomy parts mixed with a lot of clean vocals and thunderous leads. Their lead guitarist, Chad, can play – his passion for tone and ability to rip out notes with his fingers is something to be seen. This is a new song of theirs called “Dark Days”.

Mania is a One Man Black Metal band from Salem, Oregon. The mastermind behind Mania is Nate M. who has also performed with Leech, Vault Dweller, & Hell to name a few important bands. He also runs the label Eternal Warfare and has been a long time supporter of artists from the Pacific Northwest and has given many bands the time of day and a place to play. This guy is one of the best dudes in the Underground. One of my first show experiences in Oakland was a show that Fell Voices opened for Mania several years back at The Hazmat(R.I.P). Mania fucking rules. If you are a fan of the Cascadian sound – familiarize yourself with one of the leaders of the forefront.

XHOSTAGEX is a new band from Oakland, California. They are a two piece that plows through Hardcore Grindcore. Featuring members from Your Enemy & Thousandswilldie. Yong-Sung(Guitars) and Deadface(Drums) have been friends for years and are finally reunited by Grindcore! Deadface is responsible for throwing a killer DIY festival every year in The Bay Area called DEADFEST. This year’s festival featured 40+ quality bands over two days with Dropdead headlining each night and co-headlining on the first day was Graves at Sea and Noothgrush on the following night! Total support for people actually doing their part to better the Underground Community. This is footage that I captured earlier this year at their second show. Their first demo just came out on cassette through Hash Crimes LLC. Expect more solid releases coming from this band and label in the near future.

The last band to be featured on this edition of The Heavy Hour is Gloam from Santa Cruz, California. They’ve caught the attention of many recently with their take on entrancing atmospheric Black Metal. There’s something about the water in Santa Cruz, the bands out there like Fell Voices, Folivore, Death Monk and many others thriving in that scene seem to really understand the power of sound. These guys rule and are a band that you folks are gonna definitely be hearing more from in the near future. Catch them with Agalloch & Worm Ouroboros in their home town of Santa Cruz at The Catalyst on September 17th.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Justin Cory

    August 27, 2013 at 4:25 pm

    these bands all rule and are made up of awesome people

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