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Gottesmorder- Exclusive Track Premiere & Review

Recently I was approached by a band from Italy called Gottesmorder to do an illustration for a t shirt. They sent me a link to a song on bandcamp that was part of a compilation, and that was the only recorded material they had available. The song was cool so I agreed to work with them. Once that was in place, they sent me their finished, self-titled EP and I was blown away. Over the course of two songs and 25 minutes, Gottesmorder collide grim black metal with post rock, doom, hardcore and crust all wrapped in a shroud of smokey atmosphere. These two songs are scathing and visceral, and at other moments otherworldly and intangible. Gottesmorder have already begun to forge their own sound that should help to separate them from all the new post black metal bands.

I’m proud to exclusively premiere the second and shorter of the two tracks “Abyss Of Throats.”


Gottesmorder – Abyss Of Throats

More words, photos, artwork, tour dates and info on how to order after the jump.

Like most post rock bands, Gottesmorder is a game of patience. The first track, “Winternight,” takes seven minutes, half of the songs’ whole running time to get going. But like any good post rock band, your patience is ultimately rewarded. After three minutes of chilling pipe organ, deranged guitar noises seep into the mix with subtle percussion. At 7 minutes exactly, the deep and throaty vocals kick in and bring the song to life. “Abyss” is more straightforward, but still has the same cinematic feel as “Winternight.” It builds on one riff that will get stuck in your head if it doesn’t knock it clean off first. These songs sound huge for being just a three piece. The band really knows how to manipulate genres to their advantage without coming off as trying to do too much.

At this time there is now direct link to purchase the EP. If you’d like to order one, you can e mail the band or their label(s). Since the band are from Italy, I imagine shipping might get a little pricey. Here’s hoping for a domestic release sometime this year.

To preorder: / pre-order vinyl and tape / pre-order vinyl only / pre-order tape only

If you live in Europe, here are some live dates. The band has been confirmed to play with CVLT Nation mixtape curators Altar Of Plagues in October.

03.08.2011 @ CSA SARS, Viareggio (LU) IT w/ Alaskan (CAN) + Galvano (SWE)
04.08.2011 @ TBA w/ Alaskan (CAN) + Galvano (SWE)
05.08.2011 @ L’Usine, Genève SWITZERLAND w/ Alaskan (CAN) + Galvano (SWE) + more
06.08.2011 @ GGS31, Winterthur SWITZERLAND w/ Alaskan (CAN) + Galvano (SWE)
07.08.2011 @ TBA – NORTH ITALY w/ Rise Above Dead (ITA)

Live photos provided by

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