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From Taiwan With Love
Mixtape Curated by Frank Huang

CVLT Nation is stoked to announce that we have a new mixtape for your listening pleasure! One of our favorite videographers, Frank Huang, has put together a blistering mix of Taiwanese bands exclusively for CVLT Nation! So press play below and see how they do it in the +886!

Stream From Taiwan With Love Curated by Frank Huang
[audio: Taiwan With Love Curated by Frank Huang.mp3|titles=From Taiwan With Love Curated by Frank Huang]
Download and track list after the jump…

DOWNLOAD From Taiwan With Love Mixtape Curated by Frank Huang HERE!

From Taiwan With Love Curated by Frank Huang TRACK LIST
1. Ashen – 無惡不作 (00:00:00)
2. 透明雜誌 Touming Magazine – 有時候真想往你臉上灌一拳 (00:01:22)
3. 自私的混蛋 Selfish Sucker – No Selection (00:02:17)
4. 人 Human Beings – 破悲絕Broken,Sad,Desperate (00:05:30)
5. Revilement – Terminal Sedation (00:09:01)
6. Brain Corrosion – Naive is Evil (00:12:16)
7. Bazooka – Blitzkrieg (00:15:28)
8. 黑冥煞 Inferno Requiem – 人彘Dangling Piggsy (00:18:56)
9. 奇萊山觀測站Qi Lai Observatory – 悲情城市City of Sadness (00:23:18)
10. 盪在空中 Hang In The Air – 直直去Let`s Go Straight (00:28:20)
11. 傷心欲絕 Wayne’s So Sad – 他有三百塊 (00:39:27)
12. 湯湯水水 Sleaze – 溫柔鄉Cozy Tender Loving Den (00:39:56)
13. 帆人 The Junk – 真想留住這一切(Live) (00:46:33)
14. 無秩序 No Order –  頭蓋骨 (00:56:44)
15. 傷心欲絕 Wayne’s So Sad – 司機! 請你載我回家 (00:57:34)
16. 破地獄 Scattered Purgatory – Live at Revolver (00:59:15)
17. 湯湯水水 Sleaze – 這一生中最壞事件只會有一次 Such a Tragedy Does not Repeat itself Before You Dies (01:31:32)



  1. Amartxa

    May 24, 2013 at 1:27 am

    Begging for a re-up.

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