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From Germany With Love Part II
Curated by Ralph From Planks

I know we’ve said it a lot today, but we are so thankful for the support we have gotten from the metal/punk/heavy communities around the world, and someone who has been a great friend to CVLT Nation is Ralph from Germany’s PLANKS. So when we were thinking of the mixtapes we wanted to bring you today, we automatically thought to ask Ralph to make a Part II to his killer From Germany With Love mixtape that he did for us on our 1st Anniversary. So he did, and compiled a list of some of Germany’s best and heaviest to date! You can stream below, and download after the jump…genießt!!

This is the second installment of my mix made of bands located in Germany. Thanks to Sean for inviting me to do it. It is great to share some of the not too well known bands with a big channel of people who might find a new love on here. Most of these bands, if not all, live in this country and are very much aware of our history and responsibility. Non of these bands, as well as me, take pride in living in this country. This introduction is not meant as a political statements, as this was never my strength. But I want to make very clear that the German DIY Hardcore/Punk/Metal scene share at least two common denominators: No.1 is the passion they bring to the table. They do things 110% and with heartfelt spirit – No.2 is: Fuck Nazi Sympathy! It’s too common in many countries today (unfortunately also in Germany) to tolerate things as “ok” because a certain trend tries to legitimize it. Fuck that.
Now, please take your time and give every band on here a chance, as they all deserve it. This mix wanders from blasting Grind to modern Hardcore and back to Black Metal and Doom, so there should be something for everybody. -Ralph Planks- (March 2013)

[audio: PERTH EXPRESS – Construction Time Again.mp3, THROWERS – Reflection.mp3, SLUMP – Schuss in den Ofen.mp3, BLCKWVS – 0154.mp3, TSARWEATHER – Arms.mp3, O – Waiting For The Sun.mp3, JUNGBLUTH – Quick Temper Slow Mind.mp3, JUNE PAIK – Traufe.mp3, DEZAFRA RIDGE – Simurgh.mp3, BLOOD PATROL – From Beyond And Below.mp3, SARG – Spirited Away.mp3, RED APOLLO – Ordeal.mp3, VALBORG – In Ekklesia.mp3, PATSY O’HARA – 12 _ 12..mp3, UNREST – lake of misery – 07 – kill-feed.mp3, BLANK – Scorched Earth.mp3, ARKTIKA – A Praise For Ghosts.mp3, JAG HATAR – Konigsberg.mp3|titles=From Germany With Love Part II]

DOWNLOAD From Germany With Love Part II Curated by Ralph From Planks HERE!

From Germany With Love Part II Curated by Ralph From Planks TRACK LIST

01) PERTH EXPRESS ‘Construction Time Again’
I started my first mix of German bands with them and I might just be doing it with every mix I ever do. They were (for me) the best German band in this genre ever. Even though this song is one of their slower songs it is one of my all-time favorites. This song had such an impact on me from a lyrical as well as songwriting-dramatics level. If you don’t know this band go and get all their stuff!

02) THROWERS ‘Reflection’
A fairly new band with only one 10” out. For me they are the first true alternative to Perth Express. They might not be as fast as Perth Express were, but their songwriting skills speak for Throwers. An incredible powerful live band with genuine ideas and incredibly nice people.

03) SLUMP ‘Der Schuss in den Ofen’
One of those Mannheim incest bands (and Mannheim has a history of bands that all share members). They share a rehearsal room as well as members with Planks and Gunmob. Super fast on point Grind/Powerviolence with a twist.

05) BLCKWVS ‘0154’
Besides Perth Express the only band that got chosen twice to appear on my CVLT-German mix. They are around for quite some time and I think they don’t get enough credit for what they do. It’s a mostly instrumental metal band with a synth/moog monster playing a significant role. Their third LP, which came out in 2012, featured the song I chose here. I’m always a sucker for female vocals and this one right here makes me feel all Wolves In The Throne Room. Great tune, great band!

Another song from a demo (and not the last one in the mix). Tsarweather fromed around members of the Hungy Lungs. Well, actually they are Hungry Lungs, just with their drummer singing and another drummer playing drums. The methodology kind of remains but has a different twist to it. Brutal, technical yet melodic, thunderous heavy hardcore that (thankfully) doesn’t try to be Black Metal.

07) O ‘Waiting For The Sun’
There it is: My favorite German band ever since Perth Express broke up. Not that they have the slightest thing in common, but they touch me in the same way. The melodies and harmonies are incredible. The drama and darkness are visible and almost seem to caress you while listening. Everything about this band is perfect. They include a conceptual, visual and anesthetic element which gives their music an even bigger spectrum. They only reference is maybe Braveyoung, but O are so totally their own brand. If you buy one record by a German band make it this one.

08) JUNBLUTH ‘Quick Temper, Slow Mind’
This band rose from the ashes of Alpinist. Their music is very much alike but also brings a different aspect into play. Yet the recipe seems to touch all the fans of Alpinist in the same way. Within a day they had around 1000 likes on Facebook and the likes keep coming – Well deserved. Furious and melodic (crustish) hardcore with a clear political message.

09) JUNE PAIK ‘Traufe’
These guys look very young but are almost old-timers on this mix. They’ve been around for a while now and show what Germany was well known for on the Hardcore map. Chaotic, spazzy hardcore with mosh and melody. My friend Andrew Hernandez 2nd (drummer in Tombs) would state the following: “That’s a style only Germans can play”. The track is an exclusive preview of their new album coming out very soon. It shows what good songwriting in a chaotic surrounding can offer. This sounds so fresh and powerful one could think it’s their debut.

10) DEZAFRA RIDGE ‘Simurgh’
Every punk needs some metal now and then. This must have been the thought of Alex (Voice/THROWERS). DeZafra is his second band. It’s downtuned heaviness in Pallbearer style. They released two massive tracks on a split with my friends in RITUALS and both bands kill it.

11) BLOOD PATROL ‘From Beyond And Below’
A fairly new band with really old guys. They are the Granddadband in this mix. I can’t even recall in how many important bands the members of this band played: Narsaak, Bastard King, Dead Beat, Golden Gorilla…etc. If you know your way through the back catalog of hardcore bands from Germany most of them will bring tears to your eyes. Blood Patrol is their take on Municipal Waste thrash with a lot of old school Death Metal. Their first album will be out soon and this here is an exclusive track of that.

12) SARG ‘Spirited Away’
New band featuring members of Radare and Rollergirls. If Cursed came from San Diego they might have sounded like this. The fast and the furious. This track is also hot of the press (they actually recorded it last weekend!).

13) RED APOLLO ‘Ordeal’
A lot of members in old-school hardcore bands started playing downtuned stuff after they first heard Amen Ra. Mostly with dreadful results. Red Apollo are different. They are a heavy hitter with good ideas. They just released their first record a short while back and it’s a quality thing you should not miss.

14) VALBORG ‘In Ekklesia’
Valborg are a household name in Metal Germany. They’ve been around for a while and are involved in about a gazillion projects. Valborg is very much a contemporary version Celtic Frost with Prog influences. “Wait, Celtic Frost and Prog…this is like North and South Pole”. It is, but try Valborg and you will see what I mean!

15) PATSY O’HARA ’12/12′
I’m not really a fan of this particular brand of melodic hardcore and Modern life Is War never did anything for me. When I first heard about Patsy that’s what people told me about them. When I saw them play I could see what people meant, but I could watch this and enjoy. They just do their own thing and I like this thing a lot. Their second full-length just came up for pre-prder and is a record full of interesting ideas untypical for this set of music. It’s very much melodic and capturing with good lyrics and sound.

16) UNREST ‘Kill-Feed’
Grind’N’Crust as nasty as it gets. I can’t even say much about this except that it is a total wrecking ball of a band, live as well as on record. No trends, no bullshit – Total fucking annihilation!

17) BLANK ‘Scorched Earth’
Blank are new but again their members have a widespread history of bands. You can hear it in their mature songwriting and experienced deliverance. If you dig Hope Conspiracy, Botch and the better bands from the 90ies this might be your thing. []

18) ARKTIKA ‘A Praise For Ghosts’
They started aroud the time we started with Planks. Somehow we never made it to play the same show, which is odd as we have played with almost every band on this mix. Arktika mix Postrock and Postcore with Envy and a kiss from the 90ies. Unfortunately they will call it quits very soon. They have been one of the most passionate bands at what they do and it’s sad to let them go.

19) JAG HATAR ‘Koenigsberg’
I guess this is cheating in a way, as parts of this band don’t even come from Germany. It’s a “border band” from the western part of Germany and has Dutch members making this thing happen. They are very new and just released their demo and did a first tour. If you listen carefully you can understand why they are called “ O’s little brothers “. They operate the same terrain but you can hear that they have something special going on. Big things will come from these guys so keep an eye on them. []

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