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Avant Garde

EYE to EYE…K.U.K.L Space & Time

If you asked me in 1984 what was the most zany record I heard that year, I would have told you The Eye by a band called K.U.K.L. These Icelandic weirdos created a sound like no other peace punk band I had ever heard. The female singer in this band blew my 14-year-old mind – I was like, damn, she sounds she is from another universe. I could not understand a word she was singing, but I loved every sound she uttered. The young women in K.U.K.L was none other than Bjork, & this was her first band. Bjork is nothing short of captivating on every track. One more interesting fact about this band was the fact was that this album was released on the Crass label. Musically, The Eye is a ground-breaking album that has a sound all of its own. You can hear layers of tribal drumming with angular basslines that jerk at your senses. On top of that, many of the songs have a very post-punk energy to them, and a constant ethereal energy swirls around what they created. This band experimented with chaos & conjured up beautiful mayhem! What this makes you realize is how open-minded some peace punks were when it came making music during this era. The Eye is 200% soul music, meaning that these humans constructed these sounds from the inner depths of their souls. Also, to me K.U.K.L made a classic album – nothing about this record sounds dated. When I listen to this album, I get the sensation that I’m looking at a great piece of art, because this record is not about a 3 minute pop song. If you have not heard this record & you like your peace punk weirdo styles, it’s time to look into The Eye. After the jump, check out stellar live videos of K.U.K.L, featuring a preggo Bjork giving it, plus some killer flicks.

K.U.L.K : Dismembered

K.U.L.K : The Spire

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