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Exclusive CVLT Nation Streaming: Putrefaction “After the Storm” + Interview

For those not familiar with Putrefaction, words like crusty metal, Motörhead, Hellshock and Mad Max are normally mentioned, which is quite apt. To be honest, I’ve been really looking forward to hearing what they were going to do next. And low and behold, here they are with a new ep entitled Scavenger. It is being released by Distro-y Records in May. And as a taster, CVLT Nation is streaming the as yet unreleased track “After the Storm.”

Rather than me trying to describe what the EP has in store, I asked the lads about it instead. Of course, lyrics that reflect the world we live in is of great significance; with bands who play heavy, crusty riffs, you need substance. So with Putrefaction being philosophically-oriented, this is just as important as the music.

Pre-Order Putrefaction’s EP HERE!

What are the main ideas behind this new EP, lyrically?

The lyrics are a progression in a way, or at least a continuation from the LP. There is a definite obsession with the social and ecological demise of our world, this culture, this system we live within, that permeates most of the writing. The possible realities that may occur when our current reality comes crashing down. I feel it’s arrogant to assume human beings will ‘end the world.’ More so, I imagine the world could possibly end us, and continue on, adapting to the damage we have caused, evolving and swallowing up the remnants of humankind. One other subject dealt with on this record centres on thoughts I had after a visit to the Topography of Terror exhibit in Berlin, a monument to the psychopathic evil of the Nazi administration, in the form of a museum on the site of the old secret police HQ. The song deals with the philosophy that was held at the time: that some human beings can be made un-human because of mental and physical ‘defects’ and therefore exterminated. It really struck me to think of such a thing existing inside a mass consciousness – that an entire society could accept such ideologies. A sort of mass-psychosis. Truly terrifying.

Some other themes deal with recession times here in Dublin. What six years of so called ‘austerity policy’ has done to this country. The hidden poverty in this city, how people are forced into a life of welfare dependence. I moved away from Ireland for a year right before the economic collapse. When I returned home, I saw my city stripped of dignity and truly crumbling from the inside out. There were literally hundreds of people queuing for food parcels in the streets, families being made homeless by the very bankers that caused the crash. The most vulnerable in society having their meagre assistance cut or taken away all together. I think I always try to find some hope inside these awful themes, however. A motivation to go on fighting. That’s really always been an important concept for all three of us throughout the life of the band. We all feel rage towards this system and the terror and violence it creates, but we are not giving up. That’s not a fucking option, is it? Let the bastards try and grind us down. We’ll fight back forever.

Is there any rebellion left in our European superstate? Have we become a fragmented society in our own virtual world? Is the spirit of the renaissance still alive?

For sure there is rebellion. I think it mutates as the years go by and economics change. The early 00’s saw the so-called anti-globalisation movement thrive. Today, in this part of the world, protest and insurrection seems far more localised. As the neo-liberal experiment fractures and implodes, people are forced to fight for scraps and that is manifest on the streets. From militant miners firing homemade rockets at the Spanish police in fierce street battles to protect what little job security remains, to the protests and direct actions here in Ireland against the privatisation of our drinking water and implementation of yet another crippling ‘austerity’ tax. 
Yes, we have definitely burrowed deep into a virtual world with the explosion of social media, smart phones etc. all becoming more affordable and accessible to ordinary people here. It has, in my mind, created a mass-disconnect and a strange social/anti-social dynamic. Then again, the proliferation of social media and access to the internet in general has opened up possibilities that may never have presented themselves before. Something I had a hard time admitting to myself – but true nonetheless. Look at the organisation of aspects of the Arab Spring through twitter or facebook, or the coordination of attacks on the police and mass riots on blackberry devices during the London riots. No matter how much social control is leveled at us or how many mind-numbing distractions are put before us, humans have an incredible gift for subversion.



And much like a teenage pop magazine, here is the question: what has been inspiring about 2015 and what has been shit?

Well, 2015 is really only crawling out of its infancy right now, but since this time last year quite a lot of inspiring things have occurred right here in the dirty old town of Dublin. A brand new DIY punk space has opened its doors in the form of TENTER HOOKS! It’s run by a solid and inspiring crew, who have put in countless hours of work and love and made a home for our scene, and it seems to be going from strength to strength. Squat City in Grangegorman has resisted the first eviction attempt against them and created a living, breathing social space and liberated home, bang in the inner city. The help and support they have received across the board from the local community, including the local school kids, fire brigade and council workers, is nothing short of incredible and warms the heart in these dark times for sure. Never mind the support they have received from their extended family of friends, punks, anarchists, graf writers, musicians, performers, artists etc. etc. etc.

What has been shit so far? Well, the continued policies of the State in relation to a myriad of issues. The fact that abortion is still illegal in Ireland, the criminalization of public protest and imprisonment of those trying to protest against the operations of Irish Water (mentioned above), the increase in the Far Right, mainly boosted by organised fascists from eastern Europe who have migrated to Ireland. Luckily there is a strong and militant Anti-Fascist movement well entrenched here, though, and all attempts to organise by these boneheaded bastards has been met head on. I think for the first time in many decades, the current generation is facing even tougher times than the one before it. While this has meant untold hardship and misery across the world, it has also led to a death of apathy in many sections of society. As the veil over the capitalist state is lifted, I feel we realise how much we have in common with each other. It’s easier to unite and fight back when the enemy is standing right in front of you. There is no question now as to what motivates the state and the corporate entities it supports. And with that, reality cutting sharply into all of our lives, we can find ourselves less marginalised and part of a community who is willing to fight the bastards back to the bitter end.


Dates confirmed for the Putrefaction tour in June are:




  1. Grazzly

    April 27, 2015 at 6:59 am

    Bring that shit to the States. The intro to this song is sick!

    • Captain Horatio

      April 28, 2015 at 9:22 am

      Thanks, we will!

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