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Drones, Tones, and Animal Bones
Wolvserpent, Murk Rider, Actuary at Complex on 11.1.13

Text & Photos: Adam Murray

Many smokes and vapors filled the Complex throughout this night: fog, incense, smudge, weed, and a few of the human variety of course. To say it was atmospheric in there would be an understatement!

Actuary brought the noise, turning the knobs and twisting the waves. A friend labeled them Arena Noise since they actually go to practice and hone their sets and whatnot, bringing listeners deliberately composed noisescapes of otherworldly tones and warbles.

Murk Rider, self-labeled stoner black metal from San Luis Obispo, gave it 400%. The sound was primarily black – blasts and tremolo – with some nice stoney interludes to break up the bleakness. It was very impressive, but with song lengths often running well past the 12 minute mark, they probably could’ve dropped one from the setlist.

WOLVSERPENT 11.1.13-18

Unfortunately, Ides Of Gemini had to drop from this show due to illness. Their presence was missed – I think seeing the Ides would’ve been a nice, structural balance to the rest of the evening. Which isn’t to say it wasn’t a pleasant evening, just sayin’…

Wolvserpent set up the stage with some fairly dramatic lighting, thick fog, burning sage, and various skulls, antlers and bones set about dutifully. Their music offering, decidedly less riffy than what is presented on the new record, took us on a journey o’er land and sea, through dark forests, mystical bogs and chasms deep. It was great!

Overall, a fine evening brought to us by Ear/Splitters, soon to transmogrify into the behemoth Midnite Collective. Keep your eyes and ears peeled, although from what I hear they have planned, I doubt you’ll have much choice.










WOLVSERPENT 11.1.13-10

WOLVSERPENT 11.1.13-11

WOLVSERPENT 11.1.13-12

WOLVSERPENT 11.1.13-13

WOLVSERPENT 11.1.13-14

WOLVSERPENT 11.1.13-15

WOLVSERPENT 11.1.13-16

WOLVSERPENT 11.1.13-17

WOLVSERPENT 11.1.13-19

WOLVSERPENT 11.1.13-20

WOLVSERPENT 11.1.13-21

WOLVSERPENT 11.1.13-22

WOLVSERPENT 11.1.13-23

WOLVSERPENT 11.1.13-24

WOLVSERPENT 11.1.13-25

WOLVSERPENT 11.1.13-26

WOLVSERPENT 11.1.13-27

WOLVSERPENT 11.1.13-28

WOLVSERPENT 11.1.13-29

WOLVSERPENT 11.1.13-30

WOLVSERPENT 11.1.13-31

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. fliesinthefaceof

    November 9, 2013 at 11:12 pm

    murk rider sucks. aren’t they Nazi? they have a swazi in their logo.

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