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Black Metal

Darkness Reigns

The word on the street is that you want some hate in your life…I know just the band for you – PLAGUES from Massachusetts, who released a sick demo towards the end of last year called Darkness Reigns. These five songs will slice your ears off, and are dirtier and sharper than a bag of bloody murder weapons. PLAGUES create the kind of music that inspires me to sew the mouths of my haters shut with needles dipped in demon piss. This band cranks out straight executioner riffs – their song “Deep Red” has that death march beat that beheads those two-faced fucks that talk shit behind a screen, but don’t have the courage to even whisper when they are face to face. This band has a power and an untamed rage; to all those that say punk and black metal can’t be mixed, open your mouth so that PLAGUES can saw your tongue off with their blades of rancid torment. Their title track, “Darkness Reigns,” unfolds into different scrolls of the unknown, where the death wizards reign supreme. Under all of their black blood and broken bones, their songs have a melodic noir magic about them that will put you under their spell. On most of their compositions, PLAGUES will hammer your skull with their blackened metal onslaught, but they also know how to slow things down to a crushing torment. They slay shit with “Viking Funeral” – its slow, diseased crawl surrounds you, then the song explodes and incinerates your body. I really dig the singer, his delivery is bonkers, and if listen well you can understand his words, so that you know where his hate is directed. It would be cool to hear a full album from them, I know it would end up being one of the best releases of the year. In the meantime, the PLAGUES have earned a spot on Blackened Everything Vol.6.
[audio:|titles=PLAGUES deep red]
[audio:|titles=PLAGUES darkness reigns]
[audio:|titles=PLAGUES viking funeral]

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