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Black Metal

Dark Ripples in Time… Black Metal Moments from the Past Part 3, Necromantia

Dark Ripples in Time – Black Metal Moments from the Past is a new CVLT Nation series featuring interviews from the ’90s, never before published on the web until now.


An interview with Necromantia

Magus Wampyr Daoloth is the diabolical mastermind behind the blistering darkness that is Necromantia. Their current release on Osmose Productions is the abyssal Scarlet Evil Witching Black. In addition to Necromantia, Daoloth is also one of the the cyber demons of Raism on Osmose, formerly known as Diabolos Rising, and has a solo project of Gothic Darkwave proportions called N.A.O.S. on Cacophonous. More amazing still is that at one time this Satanic activist was also involved with Thou Art Lord and Rotting Christ. This year,  he has created a new Greek underground impression called Hypervorea which will feature heretical music of many genres, not just Black Metal.

There are obvious Satanic influences in Daoloth’s live but he is also interested in a type of vampirism very different than the fanged, blood drinking variety. He not only is a member of the Church of Satan but also participates in the mysterious Nefilim and the Temple of the Vampire as well. In his Greek homeland, both occultism and Satanism have recently come under fire from the Orthodox Church and the state’s governmental counterpart. For now, Daoloth is more than happy to discuss matters of similar interests with like-minded individuals.


Tell me about your affiliation with the Church of Satan?


I have been a member of Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan since 1989. For me, it’s more like an appreciation thing than an actual membership. They promote knowledge, individuality, progress, and power. I’ve been into the dark side since I was fourteen years old but, in those days, I was more of a devil worshipper. After several months, I realized that I was too fucking egotistical to have a Satan or God above my head so I started to understand the true meaning of Satanism which is individuality. When I was eighteen the Satanic Bible came to my attention and, after reading it, I realized that this was what I already believed for myself. So it was a natural process. I feel that Satanism is a very positive, healthy, and dynamic alternative to today’s mass consumer society. We live in a jungle. What is more appropriate than embracing a powerful, survivor philosophy?


What does your girlfriend think about Satanism?


My girlfriend is more into the Luciferian side of Satanism- bringer of light and knowledge. While I’m more into embracing indulgence. She’s also more Apollonian than myself. Her magickal name is Hecate and that should say it all.


I have been told my other Greek bands that Satanism is illegal in your country.


It is not illegal but it is very dangerous because Christian paranoia is running rampant here. There is a special police division that deals with occult matters but the general mentality of the Greek police is abysmal. The Greek people discovered Satanism a couple of years ago after the occurrence of some “supposedly” Satanic murders. So what the general population knows of Satanism is from the media. However, it is illegal in any form to have something organized that is against the official religion of the country. Which is Christianity, of course!



Tell me about your involvement with the Temple of the Vampire.


The Temple of the Vampire is connected with something more ancient than man. It goes back to the roots of mankind for what we are, who we can be, what the myths and legends are, and, most importantly, what reality is! The word vampire is just a word that has been used for the last few centuries. It has nothing to do with gothic monsters.

Are you involved with the occult?


I’ve been studying all kinds of esoteric knowledge trying to find my own way for 12 years now. From Buddhism to rune magick to Chaos magick to Satanism. I have come to realize that the basics for most occult theories are the same. Only names and methods change. My own path is based on knowledge, power, and individuality. There are a lot of would-be sorcerers around these days so it’s better to walk your own personal path.


Do you believe in the actual existence of the Devil or God?


In a way, I believe in a form of higher being but not in the god sense. Not a force that needs worship or even gives a damn about mankind’s ethics, paradises, or hells. I think that the secret of mankind’s evolution is located in the contacts ancient people had with alien civilizations. I believe in the “Black” and “White” confronting forces of Nature. Both are needed. Both have power. The Satanist must use both in perfect balance to achieve evolution.


Do you have any literary influences?


It’s kind of logical that I’m influenced by what I read which is mostly philosophy, religious material, horror, and science fiction. My all time favorite writers are, were, and will always be Graham Masterton and H.P. Lovecraft- truly macabre masters!


How did you get involved with Osmose?


After the release of our split album with Varathron, Black Arts Lead to Everlasting Sin, on Greece’s Unisound, we recorded Crossing the Fiery Path ourselves. Then we sent promos to various labels. Osmose made the most serious offer and, as it is one of the major black metal labels, we decided to sign with Harve.


Is Necromantia your only occupation?


Are you serious? You can not live off Black Metal! It’s mostly for personal pleasure. I work in a desktop publishing office. I also produce music and am a sound engineer. Believe me, you can’t imagine how busy I am.


Tell me about your record label, Hypervorea.


It’s a new project I started with Baron Blood from Necromantia. The label is primarily devoted to Black Metal. Our first two releases are Agatus and Zemial. Legion of Doom, Order of the Ebon Hand, Medieval Demon, and Demogorgon will follow. In the future, we plan on expanding to all kinds of heretic music.


Tell me about your other music project, Diabolos Rising.


Diabolos Rising was mostly dark electronic stuff. It was experimental, extreme, weird, and violent. Diabolos Rising has now been transformed into Raism- a completely new approach to extreme electronics that is armed to the teeth for a war against pacifism, weakness, stupidity, and conservatism.

Diabolos Rising - 666 - Front

How did you get involved with the Pact compilation CD on Asafoetida as Necromantia is the only Black Metal band on the release?


I was in contact with Ian Reed of Fire and Ice as well as the band Schwartze Orden. They asked us if we were interested in having a track appear on it. It was a honor for us to appear with bands like Death In June, Fire and Ice, and Blood Axis so we accepted immediately. Why is Necromantia the only metal band on the CD? I don’t know.


(originally published in Pit Magazine #18, 1996)

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