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Skate Video Of the Week: “Sure”

One of  the greatest gifts that NYC gave me was the memories of skating its streets and losing myself in the pulse of the city! Johnny Wilson’s new film entitled Sure is full of gnarly skaters doing their thing in the Rotten Apple. It’s rad the way that these dudes will skate just about anything and still land the tricks. Skating the streets of NEW YORK, NEW YORK will always RULE!


Sure from John Wilson on Vimeo.

Filmed by Johnny Wilson
Filmed from March-June 2015
Sponsored by Nike SB, SkateJawn, Alltimers, Quartersnacks, and Nike SB
Featuring Dom Travis, Kohlton Ervin, Logan Lara, Andrew Wilson, Jesse Alba, Nik Stain, Pad Dowd, Will RS, Cyrus Bennett, Ben Kadow, Stu Kirst, Sean Pablo, Nick Boserio, Max Palmer, Alex Olson, Jake Johnson, Genesis Evans, Richie Rizzo, Josh Wilson, Harry Jumanji, John Foley, Cruz Mendez, Kevin Maillet, Stephen, Corey Rubin, John Choi, Jack Greer, Jason Byoun, Zach Malfa, Paul Tucci, Yaje Popson, and Adam Zhu.

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    First song really sucked

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