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CVLT Nation Top 5 New Doom Bands You Must Hear Today!

I think I was born this way; meaning that I have always loved things that exist in the underground! When I was young, instead of a Sims, I wanted a hand-drawn deck from Doug Smith that only Venice locals could get. Nothing has really changed; now that I’m older, I have a mammoth love affair with underground Doom. It’s mostly the unsigned bands, the ones creating those THC-infused riffs, that have my mind stoned for days. The young bands you are about to hear are super hungry, and it’s this hunger that fuels their creativity! Now it’s time for you to plug into CVLT Nation’s Top 5 New Doom Bands You Must Hear Today! All of these bands deserve a deal so that more people can hear them, and I’m sure they will keep the hunger alive…Now Get DOOMED!!!

1. Of Doomed Morale: Ritual On Black Mountain

So what happens when you have two 19-year-olds isolated on the prairies of Canada who want to destroy the world, one monolithic riff at a time? You get Of Doomed Morale, who have conjured one of the most devastating collections of songs this year – Ritual On Black Mountain. This is the kind of filthy, disgusting riffage that will make you want to drop out of society and live off the grid! This band suffocates the listener under layers of tortured sonic magic and they will leave you wanting another bong load as you descend deeper into the universe called Of Doomed Morale…I listened to this for days straight after finding this band, because they fucking RULE that HARD!


2. Clouds Taste Satanic: To Sleep Beyond The Earth

Stop what the fuck you are doing and give yourself 40 minutes to inhale this very special album called To Sleep Beyond The Earth from Clouds Taste Satanic. What’s going to happen when you listen to this band? You will say to yourself, I see what CVLT Nation means when they say that there are some amazing bands in the underground that need to be heard. The thing about this album is it’s better listened to as a whole, because then you will be able to experience the journey the band takes you on. To Sleep Beyond The Earth parts III & IV will make way more sense after the first two parts, because then you will be hooked on Clouds Taste Satanic! You can pick up the To Sleep Beyond The Earth vinyl HERE!


3. The Slothspring: split w/ HIRS

If you read CVLT Nation, then you know we are fans of HIRS! Well, they have split out with The Slothspring, who have totally fucked shit up with their 18 minute beast of a track! Press play and allow this audio wave of slow death wash over you…The Slothspring ARE THE FUCKING SHIT!


4. Horsehunter: Caged In Flesh

Right now I have tons of feedback on my shoulders, but my body has never felt lighter. Horsehunter’s songs have have virus grooves built into them, meaning that they write tunes that are extremely catchy but never at any time sound corny. While there is light that comes through the basslines, don’t get it twisted, darkness still reigns supreme. After you hear Caged In Flesh by Horsehunter one time, you’ll be hitting replay all day!


5. Serpent View: From Darkness To Light

This band creates doom from a very opened-minded place. Serpent View manifest those kinds of compositions that would sound amazing if you were high on mushrooms. I love From Darkness To Light because it forces me to climb Serpent View’s high mountain of originality…Share this band with a friend and they will be your friend for life…I can see clearly now because I have my Serpent’s View!


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Kingstee1e

    November 18, 2014 at 9:24 am

    Great list, love the Clouds taste satanic, will take me a few days to digest all this.

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