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Black Metal

CVLT Nation Interviews: KATECHON

Katechon, boys and ghouls, is not for the virgin metal fan. Like gasoline funneling into a combustion chamber, their latest Nuclear War Now Productions release, Coronation, is a raging inferno of a record. Like black metal with hoarse rasps, guttural growls, mosh-worthy blastfests, melodic mid-tempo chord transitions, lead guitar, and catechesis, Katechon are cvlt accredited. With Coronation, they hope to spread their gospel to more fans of the underground scene. Reviewed by yours truly, I was impressed with Katechon’s latest release. So, what better way to introduce the venerable act to unsuspecting underground maniacs than with an interview of the powers that be?


So guys, fuck sub-genre names – though yours truly is guilty of abusing them – Katechon shouldn’t have one. What unique designation can you come up with to describe Katechon’s sound?

We really don’t care. We do what we need to do in order to communicate our vision. How people label us is of no big importance to us.

This may be wholly inaccurate, but your brand of metal has some thrash to it. It doesn’t sound like black metal you just sit in your chair and listen to with headphones. It rocks. It makes me want to dive into a sea of chairs in my backyard when I’m listening to it outdoors. Do you see yourself as a ritual band on-stage or do you like to see the pits move?

Some of us like thrash, some of us not so much. I don’t see black metal as defined style of music. It’s more of a mindset. Mercyful Fate, Darkthrone, Master’s Hammer, early Destruction, Von, Beherit… It’s all black metal, but none of those bands sounds the same. Black metal the “true Norwegian” way is really boring to me, and I suspect people think that is the black metal “sound,” well it is not!

A ritual band on stage? No. We try to communicate chaos and death. Katechon is not ritualistic in the inscense and robes way. It’s cathartic and violent.
Any ideology that’s important to you guys? What do your lyrics focus on?
What do you guys listen to in relation to your own music? Can you tell us some of your early influences?

We have no ideology, but not to be limited. Lyrically, it focuses on the struggle to be free from norms and morals. On Coronation the main focus is on madness, insanity, delirium and pain.

In relation to our own music, we listen to all kinds of music. A new song can extract form or meaning or whatever from such diverse sources as Perturbator, Liszt and/ or T.S. Eliot. Anything can be an influence. Even the most boring thing in your existance can be an influence. Sometimes you need to dive head down into the cess-pool of society to create the best art. Honestly, I find it strange if people are not “creating” all the time.




Coronation’s album cover looks similar to that in your previous record. Can you tell us what concept, if any, inspired the artwork?

The artist is the same. We just asked if she could draw something based on the title of the record. We’re really happy how it turned out. She really ventures in to dark places when drawing. It’s not catering to the occult as on Man, God, Giant, but it is really dark if you’re able to decipher it.


How do you gauge the reaction to your first two albums? Are you excited about the support of your fanbase thus far?

It seems that people are enjoying them, which is fine by us. It is strange for me to intellectualise this subject, it just feels good that people like it.


Coronation has a very live take quality to the performances, making it just raw enough for listeners to experience some spontaneity from you guys. How did you guys feel about the recording process for Coronation? There seems to be some balance between clarity and lo-fidelity, allowing for listeners to hear every instrument without experiencing the faintest irritation for digital enhancement.

You’re actually spot on what we were going after. Raw, but distuingishable instruments. Live-sounding is prefferable in most music, it makes it feel so much more alive. As for the recording process, we have our own studio and can do things at our own pace. That way we can focus on getting the overall mood right, without thinking about deadlines and money.


Do you see yourself playing this type of metal for many years? Are you close to satisfying your internal creative ambitions for your music, or will there be more experimentation on subsequent records?

We are not bound by musical dogmas, and will continue to evolve as long as we are inspired. Experimentation will continue. I’m sure the next album will be darker and more possessed. We shall see. It’s very difficult to plan ahead, but the course has been set, and we are diving further into the abyss.




Do you plan to do shows soon? Where are you planning to make appearances?

No shows planned. It is not something we are focusing on right now.
If something interesting is presented, then we might consider it.


What plans do you guys have for the future? Any split releases or side projects?

We are all busy with other bands and life in general. We will continue to work with Katechon and something will materialise within a couple of years. It all depends on how time treats us.


It’s a pleasure speaking to you guys. Thank you for doing this interview with Cvlt Nation. Hails and more power to your projects.

Thank you Al!

Abyssus Abyssum Invocat!



1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ralph J. Rivera

    June 25, 2015 at 5:29 am

    Highly under-rated band. All their releases are skull crushing.

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