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Blackened Crust

CVLT Nation’s Top Six
Thrash / Blackened Thrash
Releases of 2011

Knock knock at your front door…the brand new sound of the Apocalypse has arrived, in the form of the TOXIC HOLOCAUST album, Conjure and Command, via Relapse Records. Damn, this record is so freaking rad, it’s fucking insane…every track is a sonic onslaught that I don’t want to end. Conjure and Command is full of nuclear drum beats that will explode your bones & radioactive riffs that will infest your whole body until nothing is left. The song “Judgment Awaits You” kicks off the album, and from this tune you can tell that this going to be one hell of a ride. When I first heard this song, I thought someone was about to rip my head off. For me, it’s the third track, “BITCH,” where things really get ballistic – the opening riff to this song is amazing & they keep blazing through the whole song, which was smart. The lyrics & vocal delivery are totally at one with rampage of the track. TOXIC HOLOCAUST has mastered how to harness all of their rage into a potent mix of crust metal fury. Even the way that they mixed Conjure and Command was smart, because there is a constant feeling of heaviness on every track, & this album never loses it’s caustic punch. For all of the sick speed & rabid energy that this album possesses, it still retains this metallic melodic vibe about it that draws you into every song. The solos have this ancient cryptic sound that could be the war cry for a Viking horde. Joe Grind paints a vivid portrait of the fucked up world we exist in, with tales of unneeded wars & battles that will lead us to our destruction. You can hear the band’s influences, but honestly, they flipped the script & there is nothing unoriginal about Conjure and Command. TOXIC HOLOCAUST has given his fans a record that they will be able to devour now & for fucking years to come. I do feel that Conjure and Command is warriors’ music, & fuck the dumb shit I’m down for whatever, what about you?

[audio:|titles=TOXIC HOLOCAUST Bitch]

Number Two VIOLENT

Triple Beast, Triple Kill, Triple Destruction…if you want to have the sickest blackened thrash band from Chile paint your world with evil, well I have the answer. They go by the name VIOLENT, and they just released one of the gnarliest four song tapes that I have heard in a while, Human Genocide, out now via Kvlto Al Metal Productions. Unholy fucking rawness, VIOLENT unleashes pure black diseased decaying riffage that never lets up from start to finish. They took the speed of thrash, the attitude of punk and the torment of black metal, and mixed it all up to craft a sound that breaks bones and shatters dreams at the same time. VIOLENT’s music is ultra primal, which makes sense, because the drumming on this tape is fucking ballistic! Then you have the vocals, which seem to be mixed with gun powder and blood. Lyrically, VIOLENT are on point as well – I dig the way that they are focused on the apocalyptic times in which we exist. What really gets me about this band is their use of rancid melody, which gives their songs a killer sense of rotting groove. This band’s songwriting is off the hook, with loads of unexpected changes, plus an awesome use of thought-provoking samples. When you get your copy of Human Genocide, and you play their tune “GENOCIDE MASTER” full blast, then you will realize how good chaos sounds. One thing that I take away from listening to this is that VIOLENT are true fucking metal maniacs, and they do not make music for poseurs! I’m so impressed with this band that they have gained a spot on CVLT Nation Blackened Everything Vol.5, because I’m addicted to the kind of speed that this band cranks out. I have been listening to VIOLENT on fucking repeat – I give my word this band is all that and a bag of spikes!


Number Three VILLAINS

Fuck the dumb shit, one the sickest records to come out this year was created by New York’s Villains, entitled Road to Ruin, released via Nuclear War Now Productions. This album is one xtra-large blackened gnarly riff that will have you head banging in the flames of the underworld. Villains’ music has an aura of filth about it, that you will not be able to avoid, and yes, they do have an 80’s thrash vibe about them, but they don’t come off as retro at all. This band kicks Jesus ass with their brand of black thrash that charges straight at you out of your speakers. When listening to Road to Ruin, I’m reminded of how I felt when I first heard Slayer or Merciful Fate in the mid 80’s – this band’s music has murderous amounts of youthful energy about it. Unholy fuck, Villains’ vocals are creepy, sleazy and catchy as sin, with the intention of eating the Pope’s head off. What really makes this record stand out is the guitar work; it’s like watching your favorite horror movie, but it just so happens that you are listening to your favorite riffs. Fuck, their song “Land Hag” says it all, because it’s got everything I want my metal to have: speed, danger and a high voltage of we don’t give a fuck. Villains are all that and a bag of daggers, because they know the power of keeping a groove and conjuring up the right amount of putrid melody. The production on Road to Ruin is perfect; it’s lo-fi, but then still clear, which just adds to the tension you will experience on this album. We all live on this fucked planet, and sometime you need that music that makes you forget that you are in the 99% being fucked over by the 1%. Road to Ruin is a dark escape into a world where metal rules! Who cares if people get this album or not, because I get it – sometimes you need to play the kind of blackened thrash that will eat your face off, and Villains do the job. Is there one wack song on this album? HELL NO! Let’s head bang those dumb fucks out of power! Somehow, some way, find Road to Ruin and kick off your journey into the real side!

[audio:|titles=Villains Land Hag]
[audio:|titles=Villains Manic Gutter]


Everyday, all day I want my black metal sprayed red with the blood of punk rock. Now one band that can deliver the kind of mind-damaged music I need to stay sane is Nadiwrath. They perfectly balance the the hate of black metal with the raw fury of punk rock to create a sound that is a weapon of mass destruction. This Greek band killed shit ten times over with Nihilistic Stench. Every tune on this album will charge right through you, & might cut off all of your limbs in the process. Nadiwrath totally rips holes in sound itself – these dudes are masters of the blackened arts, & they do not fuck around. When you hear songs like “Two Face Shit Fuckers” & their chaotic groove gets you under their spell, the rest is history, you not be able to stop head banging. What really makes Nadiwrath so rad is that they never lose the sense of rotting melody that all of their songs have, because on the real, this band makes catchy songs that are a call to arms for all dark warriors. The riffs on Nihilistic Stench are different degrees of murder & pain but all of them will feel good to your noir soul. When the drums on “There Is No Light” kick in, you will feel the like all of the plagues known to man have descended down upon you & you will think to yourself, damn, the dark side is the right side. The song that’s going to really make you say unholy shit is the last song on Nihilistic Stench called “Memories Are Dead” – this tune will strangle you with hateful emotion. The vocalists in this band are vile & subhuman in their delivery, which only adds to why this band is beyond sick!!! I’m going to make this easy for you to understand: imagine all of your favorite d-beat & black metal bands, multiply that times 666, and you still would not come close to NADIWRATH. Do yourself a favor – bow down to this band, because they are Black Death in human form.


NADIWRATH : There Is No Light

NADIWRATH : Darkness Has Lost Its Meaning


Crush up some vintage Motorhead, mix in some some vintage Venom and some 1982 Discharge, mix it all together and drink it – then you might know how Italy’s Violentor sounds. Fucking for real, this band plays that kind of acid thrash that can melt bones. The band’s 9-song album on EBM records never surrenders; it’s a vicious battle from beginning to end. This band takes me straight back to my teenage years with their brand of blackened speed metal, & with each blast from the double bass drum, it takes you closer to the destroyer! Riffs on top of gnarly riffs, my head can not stop moving & I don’t want this record to stop…it’s a fucking energy injection. There is nothing fake about this record, it’s bare bones nuclear thrash that wants to slap posers in the freaking grill. Don’t get it twisted, as much as this band is metal, these dude have punk blood flowing through their veins, so be aware. Violentor’s vocalist spits his wild hateful angst all over each track. This band has the gas mask boogie as a part of their sound, basically they will keep you movin & groovin. I will not single out one track, because like I said, just take this album as a motherfucking rocking album that you need in your life NOW!


From the flaming pits of Hades comes one of the sickest bands killing shit right now – they go by the name of Endless Disease. These Texans sound like Armageddon itself, and their EP, Our Dawn is the End, is a bloody classic in my black book. This band lays down some of the meanest blackened murder crust around. Every song on this record will rip the flesh off of your frame & make you want to sacrifice it to the underworld. Endless Disease are masters within their own world, where they have the power to compose songs that can behead the Pope. What’s awesome about their songs are the different layers of hate that this band is able to produce. The vocalist sounds like the walking human plague, plus his lyrics are ultra gnarly & he tells you up front that this world isn’t shit! Musically, these humans are able to make tunes that are ugly as can be, but then again every song has the ultimate jam factor about it that whips you into a fucking frenzy. On the real, do yourself a favor & bring Endless Disease into your life, but make sure to keep your enemies away while listening to this band, because their music can incite violence. The riffs on this EP are so insane that even if you had them committed they would find away to break free. Honestly, this is one of the bands that inspired us to start our Blackened Everything mixtape series; actually, Endless Disease has had a song on every volume. This band really sends shock waves through me every time I listen to them, plus I never fucking get bored of their sound & that’s real talk. Endless Disease makes me proud to wave my flag of hate high – I know for a fact this is a disease that the whole world should be infected with!

[audio:|titles=Endless Disease Destroy Your Fucking Life] [audio:|titles=Endless Disease End It All Now]
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