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Black Metal

Crippled Voodoo: ORHORHO – Debut Demo Review + Stream

Meet ORHORHO the new frightening brainchild of Michele Ferretti, the singer and guitarist of Italian atmospheric black metal trio GOTTESMORDER. Why do you need to familiarize with the music of ORHORHO? Well first off because this necrotic and plague-infested slab of crusty black metal is just simply awesome and memorable, and second – and most importantly – because it is an enormous sonic middle finger pointed straight in the face of pretty much anything that exists, even of black metal itself. In fact Michele has explained to us that the name “Orhorho” is the name of an ancient African princess and that the music of this new project of his digs deep in the ancient traditions of African magick and occultism, something that black metal has probably never before even dreamed of venturing into.

If compared to Gottesmorder, the music of ORHORHO sounds way more straightforward and stripped down but this is only because it’s way less atmospheric and layered musical affair and something far more urgent and incumbent than Michele’s “mother” band. The music of ORHORHO sounds just balls-out evil and emaciated and taps straight into the early tradition of Scandinavian black metal and of British eighties crust punk. Shorter songs and an immanent sonic blasting of rage and cacophony reign throughout bringing to mind the glorious times of Scandinavian black metal, especially of early Darkthrone, Mayhem and Burzum,  when rawness, blasphemy, bleakness and stylistic evil overpowered all other musical traits of the music. As the listening progresses though, you will notice that shit all of a sudden gets incredibly weird and odd. Towards the end all of a sudden really spastic and puzzling moments dominated by tribal drums and chants start to slither out from under the wall of double bass and blasting guitars painting a frightening and horrific picture of tribal disfigurement in which the aforementioned African occultism elements that birthed the project really come to life and become all of a sudden real an really fucking apparent. Overall, this project clearly shows how it is driven by incredibly unusual and weird intents, and this peculiar trait in the music makes the demo overall really fucking twisted and just downright weird and even disturbing. It will be extremely exciting to see what the duo comes up with next, but in the meantime you can dwell in the creepy weirdness of ORHORHO through the full stream provided of their debut demo on Bandcamp.




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