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Conjure and Command…
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Knock knock at your front door…the brand new sound of the Apocalypse has arrived, in the form of the yet to be released TOXIC HOLOCAUST album, Conjure and Command, via Relapse Records which will be unleashed into the universe July 19th. Damn, this record is so freaking rad, it’s fucking insane…every track is a sonic onslaught that I don’t want to end. Conjure and Command is full of nuclear drum beats that will explode your bones & radioactive riffs that will infest your whole body until nothing is left. The song “Judgment Awaits You” kicks off the album, and from this tune you can tell that this going to be one hell of a ride. When I first heard this song, I thought someone was about to rip my head off. For me, it’s the third track, “BITCH,” where things really get ballistic – the opening riff to this song is amazing & they keep blazing through the whole song, which was smart. The lyrics & vocal delivery are totally at one with rampage of the track. TOXIC HOLOCAUST has mastered how to harness all of their rage into a potent mix of crust metal fury. Even the way that they mixed Conjure and Command was smart, because there is a constant feeling of heaviness on every track, & this album never loses it’s caustic punch. For all of the sick speed & rabid energy that this album possesses, it still retains this metallic melodic vibe about it that draws you into every song. The solos have this ancient cryptic sound that could be the war cry for a Viking horde. Joe Grind paints a vivid portrait of the fucked up world we exist in, with tales of unneeded wars & battles that will lead us to our destruction. You can hear the band’s influences, but honestly, they flipped the script & there is nothing unoriginal about Conjure and Command. TOXIC HOLOCAUST has given his fans a record that they will be able to devour now & for fucking years to come. I do feel that Conjure and Command is warriors’ music, & fuck the dumb shit I’m down for whatever, what about you? After the jump, check out some super epic live TOXIC HOLOCAUST footage!

[audio:|titles=TOXIC HOLOCAUST Bitch]



  1. SeanFitz

    June 29, 2011 at 12:00 am

    Have never been a big fan, but that sounds great, album cover is great too.

  2. Cryogenic Husk

    June 28, 2011 at 2:53 pm

    This could very well end up on my “Best of the Year” list. Seriously, just shredding riff after shredding riff on this album – Really pumped to get it on vinyl.

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