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Black Metal


Caïna is one of the most revered acts on the UKBM scene and since the first days of the project sole member Andrew Curtis-Brignell has pushed the sounds of his band further and further from the initial steps taken on 2006s demo, The King Beneath. Since that time, Caïna has evolved and taken on new identities – from “post” black metal to experimental improvisation which has seen the band constantly shift and flow with the mind of its creator.

In 2011 Curtis-Brignell announced a new record and that it would, unfortunately, be the end of Caïna. The musical journey for the band came to an end with the incredible Hands That Pluck. Yet, in the latter stages of 2012 Caïna was resurrected and a return to the live arena was established in September of this year. The live experience of Caïna was markedly different and having been away from the stage for over four years, Curtis-Brignell began to experiment with sound and on stage improvisation (live footage can be seen below).

caina - picture

Now though, Caïna makes a full and unholy return to black metal. In December, cult label Church of Fuck will be releasing a limited run (100 copies) of a cassette based EP and it marks the labels first foray into total black metal sounds.

Says Curtis-Brignell on the choice of label for Earth Inferno’s release:

To me Church of Fuck’s ethos and roster represents both a resurgence of extreme music in this country and its bright future. I feel honoured to be starting this relationship with them and I hope it continues for a long time.

Earth Inferno is comprised of five tracks; four recorded and unreleased between 2008-11 and one brand new song that showcases the music that Caïna is making now is a precursor for a new full length which is due next year.

On his reasons for returning to black metal once again, Andy had this to say:

After spending a year not performing any music whatsoever, then another year wildly (and perhaps irresponsibly) experimenting with music, I became aware of a void in my life which can only be filled with a return to tremolo riffs and grand gestures of self-violence. With the 10th anniversary of Caïna coming up in 2014 it feels both appropriate and cathartic to return to where I first started.

2013 has been the worst year of my life and I’ve been close to joining the 27 club a number of times, so I am walking gladly back into the waiting, comforting arms of that cold, endless, burning anger.

caina cover

With that in mind, we’re extremely proud to share an exclusive track off this upcoming EP.

“Death Posture” is an Austin Osman-Spare influenced meditation on lucid dying and how to reject the ways in which Abrahamic eschatology has created a traditional notion of death which deliberately renders it terrifying.

Keep your eyes on Church of Fuck for ordering information and head over to the Caïna bandcamp page for recent releases plus a selection of back catalogue records.

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