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Black Metal

Blackened D-Beat Attack..

Hailing from Singapore comes the Blackened D-Beat Attack BLOOD DIVISON (feat. Ex-members of IMPIETY and current members of ABSENCE OF THE SACRED, DRACONIS INFERNUM, HELVETTE) and here is their most recent EP entitled “Nercrordnance”. A heavy, punishing dose of Blackened Thrash Metal/Blackened D-Beat summed up into this 4 track release.

There is definitely a heavy lean on the Black Metal emphasis with this band but the D-Beat and punk aspect of it is still very much apparent. Although I’m used to it being flip-flopped with the punk emphasis being the more noticeable I still really enjoy the take that they have on their music here.. rest assured there’s some quality material here. I definitely hear all kinds of influences from all over the place on this thing but put together very nicely to have a unique sound all of its own. There’s the hints of SODOM, AURA NOIR, IMPALED NAZARENE, even some “Carnage in Worlds Beyond” era ENTHRONED influence for the black metal aspect. Then there’s the punk side where there’s just total D-Beat goodness. The first track is definitely the punk-esque jammer, and the rest of the tracks are primarily Black/Thrash in nature.

“Nercordnance” is definitely a growing point for the band it seems in regards to their “Grip of Power” demo which is still a jammer nonetheless.. it just sounds a lot more refined and articulated and there is an improvement in the songwriting as a whole for what they are doing. The production on this release is actually quite clear by most standards but it works for it even though I may have personally called for something a little meaner and grimier which I think would have set this over the top for me. All in all this is a pretty rad EP and I would highly suggest it if you’re a fan of black metal in the older vein mixed with Thrash and some good sounding D-Beat. BLOOD DIVISION seems like a very promising band and I look forward to seeing what they crank out here in the future.

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