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Behind the Shadows…
CVLT Nation Interviews Atriarch

From the very moment that I heard Atriarch, I knew I was listening to a very special band that went beyond genres. So when I had the opportunity to interview their vocalist, Lenny, I jumped at the chance to speak to him. Atriarch’s album, Forever the End, out now via Seventh Rule, is a rad piece of dark sonic art that will expand your mind! I have said enough, now it’s time for the band to speak for themselves. So after the jump, walk behind the shadows & hear what Atriarch has to say!

Photo by SFSludge

Photo by Justine Murphy

How does the supernatural and your sense of spirituality shape your music & what you write about?

I feel that the supernatural should be considered natural, and that it shapes everything we do whether we acknowledge it or not.

Does anyone in the band have a strong affinity for ancient history or literature?

Absolutely, it is important to recognize the past. I feel as if this modern world is pulling us from our roots and it is our responsibility to not let that happen.

Do you think that your environment has shaped the way you see, hear & create music? If so, in what way?

I think that everyone’s environment affects everything they do. We are all products of our environments and need to take this into consideration before judging each other.

Photos by SFSludge

Atriarch possesses a shamanic & meditative energy at times, where do think this comes from?

This is our aim. It comes from our inner selves, our spirits, and our connection to the earth and each other. It is cathartic and cleansing for us to create these songs and focus on this connection.

Did you realize at an early age being creative was a part of the way that you viewed the world?

Yes. My whole life. It was difficult fitting in as a child. I don’t care about fitting in anymore. Being honest and true to yourself without fear of judgment is more important. This is where pure creation comes from.

When you were younger, was there one artist or album that changed your outlook on music?

Several. Swans, Neurosis, The Cure, Rudimentary Peni, Slayer… just to name a few.

Were you a part of the punk & death rock scenes as teenagers? If so, what’s one of your fondest memories?

I would have to say that seeing Neurosis in the early 90’s as a teenager changed the way I see music. It is so much more than just sound.

Photos by Justine Murphy

On the song “Plague,” you have this haunting vocal mixed in a way that sounds as if it’s being sung from the bottom of a dark cave. What effect did you want this vocal to have on the listener?

Greg Wilkinson mixed the recording. I tracked several vocal parts for him to mix in to create atmosphere. The effect it has on the listener is open to their interpretation.

What is your outlook on these four things & what impact do they have on what you create? Feedback, ancient spirits, atmosphere & repetition?

I think all of these things have a huge effect our music. In ways that are difficult to explain, it comes through us. We channel it. We don’t sit around and write it out. It just happens.

While creating Forever the End, what was a direct or indirect message that you wanted to get across to the listener?

Peace, love, and equality reject the corporate ideas of what should be “normal.” Listen to your spirit. There is more to life than money and image, we are slaves to this false idea of power.

The blackened melodic tones that your songs have are very trance-like…what’s the importance of melody to Atriarch’s music?

As much as any other aspect of our music. It is a part of the whole.

Do you consider your performances to be a ritualistic experience for you & your audience?

Yes. The more the audience takes part and loses themselves, the more intense it becomes.

Photo by SFSludge

Thanks Lenny for a rad interview & props on the new record!

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