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Baroness Live at the Fillmore

Baroness are on the precipice of rock stardom, which is something that today is almost a novelty. To see a band claw their way up from the underground is truly inspiring. Baroness have worked tirelessly and toured endlessly over the years and it’s all about to pay off. Baroness have their roots in sludge metal, but have aged and incorporated more blues and psychedelia into their repetoire to form a sound that is unique but also incredibly accessible. Baroness always used to be “the opening band.” I saw them three times before they even did their first headlining North American tour in support of the acclaimed Blue Record (Relapse).Now with Yellow & Green coming out this summer, we can expect to see the band blow up even further and play some bigger headlining shows. Before that can happen though, Baroness embarked on a tour with Decapitated in Meshuggah; two extreme death metal bands. Baroness were placed right in between on the bill, creating a much appreciated, although bizarre break between the two death metal bands. Read the rest of the review and see a full color gallery of Baroness at The Fillmore in San Francisco after the jump!

Baroness have recieved much praise for their records, but hte live setting is where they truly excell. They played some new songs, but the tracks from Blue Record were what really stood out. The band has been touring so much, their performances are bursting with energy. Without having to focus so much on accuracy, they can let loose and immerse themselves in the music. Guitarists John and Pete play off each other so well, one must wonder if they have telepathic capabilities. Allen holds everything together with his emphatic yet precise drumming. Baroness are a cohesive unit live and it’s something that is awesome and yes even entertaining. Expect to see a lot more from this band in the coming months.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ab

    May 28, 2012 at 6:22 pm

    I saw them a few years back when they did a show in Melbourne with Isis. I had never heard them before, and I was hooked!

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