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Autumn Wind Photography

To root off this inquisitive interview, i shall ask where your inspirations come from, it seems by the aesthetics of your shots you at least hold a close reverence for nature and the dark side of life, is this true?

Nature, nudity, shadows, fog, rain, antiquity and anything else I find dark imagery in…crumbling buildings and minds, all are beautiful to me.

-If you listen to metal, what styles are you into? What does it take for this extreme form of music to get under your skin and provoke you to create?

Metal is my first love, Black Metal, Death Metal, most any kind of metal as long as it provokes emotion in me. I also listen to Neo-folk, Folk, Punk, Dark Ambient, Classical and lately a lot of Power Electronics and Noise. I love music very much and I’ve run a record label for awhile…but when photographing I usually do not have any music playing…I need to concentrate on whats going on in my head at the time.

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-How long have you been honing your craft? Do you intend to follow the path to an end? Is there even an end at all?

I’ve been shooting photos for over twenty-years privately, Autumn Wind Photography is my first public platform to display the images I feel represent my mind. It’s truly what I want to do….sharing these images with the few that appreciate the view I have is satisfying.  I intend to follow this for as long as I can stand it…the end could be tomorrow or in twenty years, no reason to think about that.

-Where exactly did you acquire a human skull? As a collector of such pieces myself, I would love to possess a real human one someday.

The skull I have is unfortunately a replica, a very beautiful replica…I would someday like to own an authentic human skull but until I can toss five-hundred to eight-hundred dollars to one this will have to do. I’m a lover of antlers and bones, I’ll but or pick up antlers wherever I can find them…various bones and skulls of animals as well. My place is starting to look like a museum which is what I want. Besides the female form and trees there’s nothing more beautiful than the skeleton of an animal…organic art.

-You seem to have a unique way of taking seemingly “normal” or urban photos, is this intentional? Which time in history would you like to return to and take photographs?

I’m glad you find them unique, that’s my intention…we pass by these things everyday in our cars, on walks…but don’t really see them, I try to find some type of dark imagery in everything I pass. I guess that comes with the territory, seeing if everything would make a good picture or at least trying to find something dark and beautiful within it. That’s why I love to shoot in black & white, to me it draws the true nature of something out into the open.

Unearth all imagery through hereAnd last… here are the photos which stood out for me:

Yes, my White tail deer antlers and my skull, an image I envy to become someday….the idea for this was spontaneous, most of my favorite photos are the ones that pop into my head and I shoot within minutes.

This one was taken in Mexico over ten years ago…I’m sure it’s a diabetic syringe but interesting still that someone just tossed it to the curb, a lot of interesting subjects down there.

This was taken in downtown Portland, I have a thing for photographing statues and trying to make them life like.

An abandoned factory in Wisconsin when I lived there, another one of my fascinations. I believe it was torn down a week after I photographed it.

A Masonic head stone I photographed in Lone Fir Cemetery in Portland, I’m drawn to cemeteries and the stories behind the dead.

More photogphy of Erik Truchinski

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