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Artist to Artist Interview…
Old Wounds vs. Pangea

It’s fucking on today…Brandon from New Jersey’s Old Wounds interviewed New Hampshire’s PANGEA for CVLT Nation. Both bands are super awesome – I know for a fact that Brandon asked some things that only his mind could conjure up! Also, today is a rad day in the PANGEA world because they are releasing their brand new album, Hollow Hearts, via Hotfoot Records. So after the jump, go see what happens when minds collide!

So how long have you guys been a band?

Pangea has been a band since 2008, we just completely changed our sound and have been playing shows/writing with a new lineup for about a year and a half now.

Who would you say your main influences are?

There are so many bands and people that influence all of us so its hard to say, but bands like Hope Con, Converge and Trap Them are big influence for sure.

You guys just finished a new record that’s due out soon, how fucking stoked are you on that?

We are very stoked for everyone to hear the new tunes and to spread the word around. We’ve been sitting on this cd for a while now so it will be nice to finally have it out.

Tell us about the record…

The new record is called “Hollow Hearts” and it comes out October 21st. It was recorded at The Office Recording in North Andover, MA. I think we are all very happy with the way it came out. We sent it to Rich Rossi (New Lows, Rise and Fall, Rot in Hell) to master it and he did a great job!

What are your favorite parts/songs on it?

Its hard to say really. For me personally I think one of my favorite parts on the cd is in the song “Brainwashed” we had Davey Muise (Vanna/Our Lives) do some vocals which was rad because he’s been a good friend of mine for years.

What are your plans for the potential world ending year of 2012?

Really banking on the world ending, but if it doesn’t I guess we will keep playing shows, do some touring and put out a couple more releases.

If you could have any slice of pizza you wanted, with whatever toppings, dressings, seasonings, whatever… What would it be?

This is the toughest question on this whole interview… I think the only answer to this is anything with bacon. I eat a lot of pizza and you can never go wrong with bacon.

Black Sabbath or Pink Floyd?


What is it like being from New Hampshire? How’s the scene? How are the babes/pizza/…babes?

The New Hampshire scene has its ups and downs a lot. We have some very good shows come through and then some not so good, but every scene is like that. We will always love NH, its helped and supported us a ton over the years. As far as pizza goes, travel a half hour south and go to Boston, you won’t be sorry. Babes……………………….. that’s a tough one man.

Alright alright… Any last words? Where can people check out what you have going on? Maybe listen to some new jams?

We have a Tumblr, maybe… just maybe if people check it out we will start posting on it more often but we can’t make any promises. We will put the new cd up on Bandcamp soon enough for listening pleasure. Other than that we have a Facebook that you can check out upcoming shows and whatnot on there too.

Thanks to Old Wounds & Pangea for the rad interview!

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