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Apocalyptic Blues

All Florida!
Swamp Abyss Sorcery Compilation
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I smell swamp stench blowing in the air today, I wonder where the fuck it’s coming from? I know what’s causing this putrid smell – it’s the new Swamp Abyss Sorcery compilation put together by the almighty Hot Graves and Satanik Recordings. What you have here is 11 ultra-heavy bands from Florida dragging your braincells into a place were the gators devour BBQ’ed riffs for dinner. What I like about this compilation is that there is no bullshit, just gnarly music for subhumans who want their music dirty. This whole sonic warbeast is 100% free! So after the jump, download this twisted fantasy and peep what Hot Graves and Satanik Recordings has to say about this compilation!


“Down in Florida, there is a lurking heaviness afoot. A Satanist Skunk Ape barging its way through trundles ov swamp lichen and muck, swaths ov tropical trees and fanning fronds, hordes ov irritating (and sometimes life-threatening) insects, humid heat and monsoon-level rains to bring that heaviness to the rest ov the world. This southern-fried Yeti THROMBIBULOUS ov which I speak is now upon you all, in the form ov this compilation ov bands that are the sound ov what is RIGHT NOW here in the Sunshine State….

From the overlording gallop ov SHROUD EATER’s riff machine, to the expansive droning doom bliss that HOLLY HUNT brings, to the way-out interstellar atom-splitting that ORBWEAVER conjures (all from the Miami area). From the doom-master crush ov DRUID LORD, to the barreling aggression and earnest smash that newcomers FIRE IN THE CAVE supply (Orlando-area destroyers). FLYINGSNAKES gives a blackened push to their ultra-heavy smackdown here, as FATAL bridges the gap between Thrash supremacy and Death Metal monstrosity, while PARTY TIME bring both the smashup and the partydown to this Tampa Bay area mixture. From the direct lumbering fist-clench riff mongering that HOLLOW LEG provides, to the digustipating gurgletech Death Metal stylings ov EXTREMELY ROTTEN (Jacksonville area delegates). And I can’t leave out the D-Beat devil worship that HOT GRAVES transmits from Gainesville, FL. These are all bands that have played together over the years, formed bonds ov friendship and musical fortitude, and now stand together to show the world the state ov Flooridian Heavy circa 2012 Released 14 February 2012.”

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