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Black Metal

Trampled by Behemoths: PRIMITIVE MAN / SEA BASTARD

Do you really need us to tell you what this split is all about and why it’s so fucking huge and memorable? What else is there left to say about two of the currently heaviest bands on the planet? At this point, Primitive Man aren’t even just an underground band anymore. They are an absolute fucking MONUMENT of and to underground metal. They are a fucking shrine, an altar erected and dedicated to the most inhuman of all musical forms. Sea Bastard are no fucking different, and represent the same manifestation of total, absolute and unadulterated sonic devastation on the other side of the pond, having been for some years now one of the most infamous and celebrated sludge/doom crushers to ever tread European soil. Aside from being similar on multiple levels, and at their most different representing the opposite side of the same hideous coin, the two bands have toured the UK together and are homies, so it makes perfect sense that something as repulsive and fucking annihilating as this split would see the light one fine day. Well, that one fine day has come, the Primitive Man / Sea Bastard split is here and that means bad, terrible news for your sorry synapses and your dinky little bones, which will be lucky if they withstand the first minute of this split before splintering under the inhuman tonnage and sheer violence of the music contained within.

As per usual, Primitive Man offer another lethal dose of their now staple and extremely recognizable blackened and nihilistic sludge-doom infested with noise. Two slabs of unchallenged aural hatred that batter your senses as if your skull is being slowly crushed under the foot of an elephant, and that haunt your soul with their merciless surge of complete sonic abjection. “Cold Resolve” never picks up the pace, stomping the listener instead with a comatose bludgeoning in which seconds feel like minutes, and minutes like hours… Ten minutes in which you feel your life being punched out of you by a slow and inexorable mammoth fist ramming straight into your skull. “Servant” treads on a more syncopated track in a way that reminds us of early Godflesh, with its pounding, unrelenting, and just fucking vile assault on the senses, that soon turns into a maelstrom of black metal blast beats and annihilating rhythms, before once again slowly and cruelly sowing down to a funeral march and dragging the listener by the ankles into a slow-motion abyss of torture. To top it all off, both compositions as per usual infested with various noise elements and cascading waves of feedback, as well as with Ethan Lee McCarthy’s staple monstrous and cavernous bellow, all of which depict a harrowing sonic landscape made of absolute torture and sadism.


Label: Dry Cough/Black Reaper


Sea Bastard, on the other hand, opt for a more intoxicating and trance-inducing approach, that while not loosening at all its spellbinding grip of cruelty and torture on the listener, also works more with the listener, provoking a deeply introspective and meditative-like state instead of simply attempting to murder the listener through sound like in the case of Primitive Man. In their only track present on the split, titled “The Hermit,” Sea Bastard take the listener on a daunting voyage through the pits of hell and out through the mouth of Hades, causing such shockwaves and walls of trauma within the perception of the listener that while you listen you will literally feel like the air is being vacuumed out of your lungs as the band crushes your ribcage, and like your brain is collapsing within the shaking walls of your imploding skull. Taking an approach similar to band like Moss, Conan, Corrupted and Grief, Sea Bastard have taken the concept of “heaviness” and just fucking ran off with it into the realm of the absurd, busting out some of the most inhumanly downtuned, pachydermic, and fucking monolithic riffs ever put to tape.



For those who dare to venture within this inhuman realm of chaos, suffocation, and nihilism, Dry Cough Records has co-released this monstrous and torturous split with Black Reaper Records.


primitive man sea bastard

primitive man sea bastard

primitive man sea bastard


23/03/16 – Prague, CZ @ ModraVvopice
24/03/16 – Berlin, DE @ Cassiopeia
25/03/16 – Utrecht , NL @ DB’s
26/03/16 – Saarbrucken, DE @ Garage
27/03/16 – Antwerp, BE @ Het Bos
28/03/16 – Paris, FR @ Le Pub ADK

29/03/16- Liege, BE @ La Zone (no MG)

W/ Morbid Evils
30.3.2016 Lahti, Roosterburn (Torvi): Primitive Man (US), Morbid Evils, Cut to Fit
31.3.2016 Helsinki, Loose: Primitive Man (US), Morbid Evils

W/Rotten Sound
1.4.2016 Jyväskylä, Katse: Primitive Man (US), Rotten Sound
2.4.2016 Turku, Klubi: Primitive Man (US), Rotten Sound, Sunniva

WEEKEND NACHOS/PRIMITIVE MAN Japan & South East Asia tour 2016
W/ Endzwreck & Fight it out
4/6 Yokohama
4/7 Tokyo
4/8 Osaka
4/9 Nagoya
4/10 Tokyo
SE Asia w/ Tools of the Trade, Wormrot
4/14 Manila, Philippines
4/15 Johor Bahru, Malaysia
4/16 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
4/17 Singapore, Singapore

Primitive Man/Sea Bastard UK tour 2016
2-06-16 Bleach Brighton United Kingdom
3-06-16 Brudenell Social Club Leeds United Kingdom
4-06-16 Temples Fest Bristol United Kingdom
5-06-16 Sheffield United Kingdom
6-06-16 Bannermans Edinburgh United Kingdom
7-06-16 Nice N Sleazy Glasgow United Kingdom
8-06-16 Northumberland Arms Newcastle upon Tyne United Kingdom
9-06-16 The Star And Garter Manchester United Kingdom
10-06-16 Stuck on a name studios-Nottingham United Kingdom
11-06-16 Underworld London United Kingdom



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    March 24, 2016 at 8:37 am

    Thank you CVLT NATION

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